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Haidakhan Babaji is an immortal Mahavatar. He is believed to be the same Babaji written about by Paramahansa Yogananda in his book, Autobiography of a Yogi. Yogananda described him as the originator of Kriya Yoga, a system of meditation techniques. Supposedly hundreds of years old, Babaji was said not to be a human at all, but an avatar, a divine being, descended into the flesh to help humanity. It is reported that Babaji last took a human form in India in 1970. This was a visit of great purpose.

To the worldly mind it is impossible to perceive Babaji's nature. God has but few to whom he whispers in the ear. It is for these that he has come into the world. This is what he said: "I am everywhere-in your every breath, I am come to help you realize unity beyond division. I will show you a freedom you have not imagined. You must seek that unity where there is an awareness that we are all one and the same. You should seek harmony in all that you do. I am harmony..."

Babaji brought the message that the purpose of his reappearance from 1970-1984 was to help humanity through the coming changes. He spoke saying:

"You are noticing the changes in the climate, more extreme conditions and temperatures, larger more powerful storms, more occurrences of volcanic and earthquake activity and more extremes in the economies. You notice the change in the perception of time. Everything appears to be speeding up... After the great revolution, this world will enter a golden age. The environment will be in balance, and mankind will have changed its ways by living on the higher path. There will be tremendous technology, it will take you to the stars and this galaxy and beyond to other galaxies. You will become a great race creating life throughout the universe, and you will meet up with sentient beings from other dimensions of space-time..."

"You are the eyes and ears of the universe. You are the observers of creation and its myriad things. and eventually...this lead you back to your real self... The Creator...remember by just calling my name I will hear you. If you are open I will guide you...repeat my mantra... Live in truth simplicity and love... And remember, your purpose in this body on this world is to serve..."

He taught that the "Maha Kranti" (the great revolution) is happening and that it is very important that we remain in truth, simplicity, and love during these times.” I have come forth to give a message about the great changes and how to live in the higher path and come through these changes by living in Truth, Simplicity and Love and by serving others and connecting to God. It is the mantra that I have come to share with all who are open to receive it. It can calm a disturbed mind and heal a sick body. It can enable you to connect with your higher self and God. The great changes or Great Revolution has started. It will be both wondrous and destructive. Most of mankind will be destroyed as Nature balances out the great injustices that mankind has caused against the environment and each other.

The most important thing to do was be an independent thinker, to walk on the higher path and follow no one but instead follow your own heart. According to His devoted follower, Marge Devivo “Once you're purified enough to follow your own heart everything goes just fine.” He gave the mantra "Om Namah Shivaya" (it can be translated "I take refuge in God" "I bow to the divine within", or for a western mind, "Thy will be done") as the way to purify and be in alignment with ourselves. He strongly urged that we practice karma yoga-service to humanity. He also suggested we eat a vegetarian diet, be as sustainable as possible and take no intoxicants.

There are a few out there who will be open to this message and will repeat the mantra, live in Truth, Simplicity and Love and serve others. These will live on the higher path, attach themselves to God. They will be brave and always walk on. There will be many mountains to cross, but they will not stop until the goal is reached. They will be strong, and will never feel disheartened. These will survive the Great Revolution.


Autobiography of a Yogi by Paramahansa Yogananda

Pathways radio interview from 2000

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