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Who I am: American Scar Stories

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Who I am: American Scar Stories shadows the world of 12 people whose lives were interrupted by physical scarring. The book is about life-changing events that the author, Jenny Cutler Lopez, shared in an interview on April 17, 2014.

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"Finding a connection between people from different backgrounds, ethnicity, gender and ages by sharing their scars as the main topic" Cutler Lopez said.

The author encapsulates meaningful insight by using colorful stories of people who endured physical and mental scars.

"All of them sharing one commonality, a noticeable physical scars," said Cutler Lopez.

The publication was created in hopes of connecting people from all walks of life who have faced life-altering challenges and to outline how diversity and integrity can be embraced.

"If you just ask the right questions," Cutler Lopez said, "Everyday people will often share incredible stories."

With the author's help the main characters are able to discuss their experiences with: illness, loss of identity, near death experiences, reinvention, passion and healing.

"Ever wonder how many curveballs will life throw at you? Ever wonder how other people triumph over hardships? Who I Am: American Scar Stories shares 12 true stories of lives interrupted by physical scarring and life-changing events," Cutler Lopez said.

The read probes into the emotional whirlpools of people who have experienced a life ending state and highlights the survival process.

"The book celebrates the strength of human spirit and illuminates how the human race draws from deep wells of tenacity and optimism to transform lives," Cutler Lopez said.

Author, Jenny Cutler Lopez, wife, mother, dedicated weight-lifter is also a wonton junkie, vodka drinker and punk-rock lover with a huge heart who stands in awe of people who never give up.

Upcoming release is June 2, 2104, available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble both print and electronically for Kindle and other major E-Readers.

Pre-orders made directly off the site available on Monday, April 21, 2014, and will include: a signed copy of book, entry to sweepstakes for $50 Visa gift card and a coupon for a discount off of future purchases.

For more information or to be a part of the movement visit Who I am: American Scar Stories: Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or their website.



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