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Who Have You Chosen GOD or god

Jeremie Webb

Today’s Torah Devotional from Exodus 34:1 – 9
The Second Book of the Torah, “Shemot,” “Names.”
This weeks reading is “Ki Tisa,” “When you take.”

GOD says to Moses/Moshe, “Carve out two tablets for yourself, just like the first ones. I will write on those tablets the same words that were on the first tablets that you broke.”

Moshe is to arise early in the morning, going up to the mountain of GOD, by himself, no one is to come near the mountain, not even the animals to graze.

Moshe does as he is commanded and GOD revealed HIMSELF to Moshe in a cloud, calling out HIS Divine Name.

GOD passes before Moshe and he proclaims, “GOD, GOD, Omnipotent, merciful and kind, slow to anger, with tremendous resources of love and truth.’…

…’HE remembers the deeds of love for thousands of generations, forgiving sin, rebellion and error. HE does not destroy those who repent, but keeps in mind the sins of the Fathers to their children and grandchildren to the third and fourth generation.”

Moshe continues with, “If YOU are indeed pleased with me, O GOD, let my Lord go among us.”

He continues speaking of the peoples unbending, sinful nature, asking for forgiveness, that HE make them HIS Inheritance.

These few scriptures, again, contain so much.

GOD has given Moshe the opportunity to replace that which he broke, the Two Stone Tablets, GOD originally created as a Testimony.

As we read before, Moshe took it upon himself to throw the original stones down, breaking them, when he saw what the people had done.

The actions Moshe took were of his own accord being led by his own anger and disgust at the people having created an idol, bowing down to it, just days after having agreed to worship GOD alone, and at the foot of the very mountain where GOD had spoken to them.

What we can see here is Yes, we serve a merciful GOD, forgiving and loving to those who turn away from their lawless ways and turn to the ways of GOD.

We also see a GOD who does not remove the consequences for the choices and actions we take on our own, regardless of our “intentions.”

Moshe was enraged at the people, he acted out of his own emotional state of mind, not thinking clearly, he threw the stone tablets down, smashing and destroying this gift from GOD made by HIM.

GOD did not turn HIS back on Moshe, nor does it say HE “understood” Moshe’s actions. What it does say, however, is Moshe had to replace what he had destroyed and do so by his own hand.

These tablets were made of Gem-Stone, not some quarried rock we see portrayed in modern pictorials and replicas.

These stones were transparent gemstones, most widely believed to be sapphire stones.

Now Moshe is no gem cutter, he is a leader, chosen by GOD to lead HIS people into the promised land. At best, Moshe is a shepherd, once the prince of Egypt, yet he is required to cut two new stones for GOD to write HIS words upon, again.

GOD is the author of the Testimony, this is HIS writing, yet HE is also giving Moshe the responsibility for making up what is now gone.

This is a side of GOD we modern believers ignore.

We want to believe that GOD will handle all of our problems, our troubles and our mistakes.

This just simply isn’t Biblical.

GOD is merciful, loving, kind and quick to forgive those who turn back to HIM, however, this doesn’t remove the consequences of our chosen mistakes.

It’s truly hard to look at our lives and call the choices we’ve made, mistakes, when in actuality we did choose to do the things we’ve done, and we chose them of sound mind and clarity, just like the choice we make to return to, or follow GOD.

What are we to learn from a GOD who removes our consequences?

Who is HE that everything we’ve ever done would just “right itself” so we get off “scott free?”

YES, we have the promise of eternal life through Messiah, just as the Israelites had the promise of the Promised Land.

Doesn’t that make us more alike than different?

Aren’t we following GOD also for HIS promise, just as the Israelites followed HIM?

Did HE take away their consequences when they failed, disobeyed, rebelled against HIM?

Why would HE treat us any different?

We claim to be HIS chosen people, why would we expect to be treated any differently than any of HIS other chosen people?

Do we not have the same opportunities to follow HIM as all of HIS other people?

Who have you chosen to follow, a god that makes everything sunshine and rainbows, giving you all the worldly desires of your heart, OR have you chosen to follow the GOD of Israel?

What are your thoughts on these scriptures?

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