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Who has the most tattoos: Rihanna, Miley Cyrus, or Justin Bieber?

Bieber's new joker  and love tattoos
Bieber's new joker and love tattoos

If it was a contest for most tattoos between Rihanna, Miley Cyrus, or Justin Bieber who do you think would win? Let's face it, at the rate these three get inked it's hard to keep track. Rihanna currently has 22 (some sources say 21) tats with the recent addition of a large cross on her left wrist earlier this month. Miley at 20 years of age has 20, but Justin Bieber who is 19 and will turn 20 in March beats them both. According to the Jan. 13 issue of Celebuzz he is sporting two more new tattoos and it's actually three if you take a closer look.

How many tattoos does Justin Bieber have?

The first of Bieber's new tattoos is a court jester complete with the iconic bell-tipped hat. He revealed this new ink after being accused of egging his neighbor's house which some say is his way of saying, "Just kidding." This tattoo makes 21 total but there's more! If you take a closer look, there's also a new tattoo spelling out the word "love" beside the jester. Some are suggesting reconciliation with Salena Gomez which was sparked by a selfie of the two of them posted on Instagram on Jan. 4. Time will tell that story and that brings his count to 22 which ties him with Rihanna in overall tattoos (as far as we know), but there's still more.

He's also had a compass inked on his right bicep. That's 23, but there's one more new Bieber tattoo caught and shared on Instagram by his friend Milk Tyson showing a treble cleft behind his left ear. That makes for a grand total of 24 tattoos.

Why these stars get tattooed

Are these stars addicted to ink or is it a PR ploy for them to stay at the top of the charts? It's probably some of both. They do have a love for body art, however, it turns out that Justin Bieber topped the global social media chart the week of January 6-12 according to Starcount, and why? He was almost five times more popular than anyone else on Instagram with 1 million new followers after revealing his new compass tattoo.

According to the same report, Miley Cyrus enjoyed a big week on Facebook where she was "liked" by 1.5 million new fans and was mentioned more than 3 million times after uploading a selfie holding a wide-eyed dog and wearing fake teeth.

Rihanna also made this list of most-popular when she stopped to share an umbrella with a tearful fan. That photo gained her more than 100,000 new Twitter fans!

Why people get inked, celebrity or not, is part of the story of life. While many like to try and interpret the meaning behind the ink each one tells a fraction of the story that makes up the tapestry of life. And while we are talking about new tattoos and who has the most ink, it's worth mentioning that Harry Styles has more than 30 and he's only 19, too.

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