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Who Has The Best Bodies?

Best Bodies
Best Bodies
Mike Phelps

Who looks good and who doesn't is obviously a matter of personal taste. In the fitness industry, there are many kinds of training methods and many kinds of nutritional advice, which all seem to produce varying types of physiques. So what type of physique looks the best? Here are some examples of training methods and the physiques they typically produce. Choose your favorite.

  • The Cardio Body. Uses lots of cardiovascular methods of training. Produces good endurance, reduces body fat, but also reduces muscle. Rarely does resistance training. Does a lot of running and cardio type group classes only. The typical look is thin, with skin a bit loose and no muscle fullness and no muscle definition. These bodies look fairly healthy, especially in clothes, but never are hard to the touch due to depleted muscle. They also tend to be deficient in some nutritional areas.
  • The Crossfit Body. Uses a combination of resistance training and cardiovascular training. Training is circuit oriented and much more intense than cardiovascular training alone. Produces excellent endurance, stamina and conditioning... and a certain amount of muscular development. Extreme muscular development is hindered due to an overtraining condition. The typical look is fit, tighter skin than the cardio only body, but not a lot of muscular development and muscular shape or density. Some crossfitters achieve muscular physiques, but this is the exception and not the norm.
  • The Bodybuilder or Competition-Like Body. This is the type of body that turns heads when walking down the beach. Not everyone likes this look, but oddly enough, most everyone stares when one walks by. Training is mostly resistance oriented with both lighter and heavier weights used. Cardio is employed as needed at moderate intensity. Muscle confusion is a primary principle followed. Overtraining is frowned upon because the goal is to maximize muscle and its shape. Workouts are typically intense and produce great muscle hardness, fullness and strength. The bodybuilder/competition body is concerned with working every single body part equally to achieve complete symmetry and balance. Men in this group have great muscular development, women in this group have long hard muscles and great shape, but not extreme muscular size. Most every hard body you see in magazines fall into this category.

Pick your favorite. If you would like more information on how to get into the kind of shape you desire, email or visit