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Who got sent home on 'The Bachelor' 2014: full episode 2 recap (Jan. 13)

Find out which three ladies Juan Pablo sent home on this week's 'The Bachelor' 2014 on Jan. 13.
Photo by Jason Merritt/Getty Images

There was plenty of excitement on this week's episode of The Bachelor 2014 on Jan. 13, and we've got you covered with the recap right here!

Find out who got sent home on The Bachelor 2014 during the Week 2 rose ceremony, who made a drunken fool of themselves and who got to kiss Juan Pablo here now! (Also, please find a few Bachelor spoilers at the links below. Should you choose to forgo waiting another three months, you can use them to instantly find out who wins JP's heart...allegedly!)

Jan. 13 Recap: Who Got Sent Home on The Bachelor 2014 This Week? (Season 18, Week 2)

Juan Pablo Galavis chose 32-year-old hairstylist Clare for his first one-on-one date and the two shared a romance-filled evening in a winter wonderland built just for them. The pair played in the snow, laced up ice-skates, took a soak and were even treated to a private concert by Josh Krajcik, but the highlight was definitely the first kiss of the season. The heat in their hot tub wasn't all coming from the water, let's just say that!

Kat, 29, snagged the second one-on-one date of the Jan. 13 episode of The Bachelor and was whisked by private jet to Salt Lake City for a light-filled Electric Run event, attended by at least hundreds of other people; the atmosphere seemed to be rave meets a one-mile fun run. It wasn't the most intimate setting, but Kat and Juan Pablo seemed to be enjoying each other's company considerably.

Bachelor Spoilers: Find Out Who Juan Pablo Picks According to Reality Steve (Click)

Later, during the group date, the ladies and JP participated in a sexy photo shoot to promote animal adoption. Assistant District Attorney Andi and school teacher Elise had a small problem with their too-small costumes (they were asked to wear small signs reading "Adopt Me"and nothing else), but "comfortable with my body" Lucy switched costumes with Elise, and Juan Pablo talked to Andi. After agreeing to shoot in the buff alongside her, Juan Pablo convinced her to go for it.

So, who got sent home on The Bachelor 2014 during the week 2 rose ceremony or for other reasons on Monday night? Well, say so long to Victoria. The 24-year-old legal assistant from Boca Raton overdid it on the free booze and caused such a scene, locking herself in a bathroom stall while cursing and yelling and refusing to talk to anyone, that Juan Pablo sat her down the next day and told her she had to go home because basically, she isn't step-mom material. Ouch.

During the second Season 18 rose ceremony, it was Chantel from San Diego, 27, and Amy. L., the cute reporter from Orlando, who were sent on their way.

Want to know who Bachelor Juan Pablo picks on the Season 18 finale? Don't forget to click the link above, and subscribe to this Examiner for email alerts to new stories, recaps and Bachelor spoilers all season long! Want another take on Monday's Week 2 episode? Check out Reality Steve's Twitter feed would seem we weren't the only ones who struggled to get our act together and not only watch the two-hour show, taking copious notes all along, but actually assemble and publish a decent recap!

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