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Who gets most benefit for affordable health care act?

Medical image
Medical image

Will the ObamaCare website ever be corrected so every person who is in need of health coverage can obtain it? Thus far, there seems to be more damage control taking place for this ObamaCare website than there has been the ability to permit the American people capability of logging into it for health care insurance. The most disturbing of this health care are persons who have lost care all together. A patient who was receiving wonderful care by her insurance for leukemia is no longer able to obtain care because of the ObamaCare. She cannot pay for the outrageous fees on prescriptions needed to stay alive all because of this American health care act voted for by her state Congressman Gary Peters - Michigan.

This patient is not the only person faced with this matter, there are many others who now are seeing exactly what is happening due to what their Congressman have done. It is quite uncomfortable to even think of how much time and money has been spent on this governmental health care project. What raises more concerns especially now is seeing the disappearance of health care options and the actual affordability with this health care. It actually raises the end question, is this governmental health care really affordable and beneficial to the American people?