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Who else wants to change in 2010?

New Year's Resolutions
New Year's Resolutions

Everybody wants the magic bullet. Our culture expects quick fixes. Sadly, when quick changes happen, they don’t last long term. See the diets, amazing ab machines, magic pills or fat-burners for what they are. Save your money and time on all these quick-fix products… they only create false hopes.

You probably already know what you need to do yet… you’re not doing it! Here is the problem with thinking you know everything. If you were told you should drink more water or eat more vegetables, your first response might be... "I know that."

You instantly shut down your brain when you have heard something before, especially when it involves a behavior change and leaving your comfort zone.

Without being receptive to the learning, a behavioral change will not happen. Change requires not being you. Tell yourself: "If I have to change, I need to stop being me." You are capable of not being you, but you need to learn how... in consistent small doses over time. That's how habits change, and ultimately results occur.

The stories you don't always hear or want to hear about the people who create long-term success, is they got out of their comfort zone, stayed focused, and changed. When they had a setback, they did not stay immobilized, they got up and got back on track.

What keeps these people so driven and how can you create that "do whatever it takes mindset"?

It is important to see the big picture of where you want to be, but your focus should be on what you can do now to get to the next step.

You can see and feel significant change and results in 12 weeks. Those results will fuel wanting more success. This is how an unstoppable mindset and lasting habits are created. When that happens, true learning takes place.

Ask yourself, "What do I already 'know' about my health that I am not changing?"
If you are serious about making a change this year, and are looking for a little support, check out this 12-week program to keep you on track when others give up.