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Who dumped elderly dog and left her to die?

Sweetie is such a sweet girl
Sweetie is such a sweet girl

I was contacted by a volunteer from the Old Bridge Animal Shelter Volunteers (OBAS), asking for help in finding those responsible for neglecting and abandoning a sweet, innocent, senior Brittany Spaniel behind a school in Old Bridge, N.J. This precious girl was found near death, after having been clearly neglected and then dumped, having to fend for herself out in the elements. Now named Sweetie, those involved in her care are asking that anyone with any information about who neglected and abandoned this innocent dog report it, so the perpetrators can be found and brought to justice.

Sweetie saved in the nick of time

In the evening hours of April 6, 2014, Sweetie was found wandering around behind the Carpenter School in Old Bridge, N.J. She was emaciated, and barely able to even stand on her own. After she was found, a volunteer from OBAS was contacted, asking for help with this very needy dog. Sweetie was seen by Dr. Phil Debaecke from the Country Animal Clinic, who estimated her age to be between 13 to 16 years old. She was severely emaciated, and she had toenails that had been allowed to grow so long that they were literally growing into her paw pads. She was critically weak and dehydrated.

Even through all of the horrors Sweetie endured, she continuously tried to wag her tail to show what a gentle and loving spirit she had, and her gratitude for being saved. No animal deserves to have to endure such suffering, but it is beyond comprehension that anyone would do this to a senior animal, who is already vulnerable because of advanced age.

Everyone involved with Sweetie at this point decided this girl needed to be saved. Since that time, she has been given the best possible care, both medically and emotionally. Thankfully, all of her tests indicated that she just needed good food, a soft bed on which to rest her aging body, and most of all, love. She found all of that in a wonderful her foster home, where she lived as she grew stronger.

There have been countless advocates who have been involved in helping Sweetie, either by directly caring for her, networking her story, helping get donations, and even making sure she was given a beauty treatment "spa day" to lift her spirits. Every single person involved in helping Sweetie is like all animal advocates; selfless, caring, dedicated, and passionate about helping needy animals, and Sweetie owes her very life to all of them.

Sweetie finally reached the point that she was adopted into a wonderful loving forever home. Her new family includes a Mom and Dad, a human brother, as well as another furry family member; a dog who was also adopted from OBAS. They are ecstatic to have Sweetie join their family, and the doggie brother has welcomed her with open paws as well. She will now be loved and cherished for the rest of her days on earth. The pictures shown here, while showing how emaciated this poor dog had become, also show the boundless love she has gotten, and will continue to receive.

Sweetie's story has been circulating throughout social media, and thanks to donations made, she has been able to get all of the care she needs. She even has her own Facebook page entitled "Everything Sweetie", where the updates about her including videos are posted regularly. Looking over these postings shows the amazing progress she has made since the day she was found and rescued, and all of it is a testimony to the dedication of the volunteers with OBAS, the expert medical care from the Country Animal Clinic, and everyone else who was involved in her rescue and rehabilitation.

Sweetie has stolen the hearts of everyone she has come in contact with because of her gentle and loving spirit, and her determination to overcome the nightmare of her past. There is no excuse for anyone just dumping her like garbage, and those heartless humans responsible for that need to be found. Now is the time for advocates everywhere to circulate Sweetie's story far and wide, and help to track down the monsters who so callously dumped this aging senior girl, and bring them to justice.

Someone had to have seen Sweetie, either before she was dumped, or at the time she was left to die behind that school. Considering her age, someone will surely recognize her and know where she lived before this nightmare began. If you have any information at all, please contact:

Old Bridge Animal Shelter Volunteers

One Old Bridge Plaza

(Off Route 516 in Old Bridge Municipal Center)

Old Bridge, N.J. 08857

Phone (732) 721-5600 ext. 6300

There is an open investigation about Sweetie with OBAS, and it is hoped that those responsible will be found. Everyone involved in Sweetie's case is so very grateful for the heartwarming outpouring of support already shown for Sweetie up to now. If you would like to donate to help OBAS and the wonderful work they do for animals, you can visit their Facebook page and follow the links given there.

Keep getting stronger Sweetie. Advocates will pull together to do whatever can be done to find the monsters who did this to you, and get the justice you so deserve. Your life from here on out will be full of love, and you will be cherished as you should have been all along.

Please circulate Sweetie's story, and help get her that one final step she needs, which is justice. Please do not let these heartless monsters get away with this, since if they did it to Sweetie, chances are very good they will do it again to another innocent animal.

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