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Who do you trust God or man?

Recently, a fellow believer on LinkedIn posted a comment and asked for "unbaised responses". Normally I would responde or ignore and move on but I have heard this spoken by so many Christian friends of late and thought it was worthy to write about in this forum as I believe it reflects a mood in the country that God himself is revealing and healing amongst His flock. Here is the comment and my response:

"People are seeking men and women to follow not God. If they continue to look at outward appearances the church will continue to be even more mislead. Big houses, big cars and big churches have misled my people. Jesus was born in a stable for a reason. Humility is the prime virtue God needed in His Son and in His people. His kingship was of God and not of Man. “He who has ears let him hear what the Spirit says to the churches.” “Come out from among them and be ye separate.” Not from the world but from the mislead church. God loves the world but will chastise His mislead church.

The entire white church world of North America backed Romney with prophesies as they did McCain. How many have apologized for MISLEADING the church. An how many of the congregations have asked how for the second time could my church leaders and self styled prophets be so wrong. God uses the despised things of the world to correct us. There are even more prophesies to come that need “Prophets” to discern the truth from the lie."

A pastor from a neighboring church spoke last week in my church and said that the United States was the fifth largest mission field in the world. I was surprised at that. According to the Operation World Website of the 314M people in the United States only 28% as considered (Evangelical) and hold a Christian World view (my interpretation). If that is true then it makes snse that so many North American Christians would put their trust and hope in a politician (white or black, republican or democrat) before they would trust in the sovereignty of God.

I don't know what God is going to do but I do know what he said in His word, "....Seek first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness (and He will provide)" (read Matthew 6: 24-34) Until we stop putting our trust in idols God will continue through His grace to teach us to do otherwise. None of this is new and I doubt it will change until Christ returns again.

Consider this from Isaiah speaking of the day when Jesus returns to rule and reign 32: 5-8

"No longer will the fool be called noble
nor the scoundrel be highly respected.
For fools speak folly,
their hearts are bent on evil:
They practice ungodliness
and spread error concerning the Lord;
the hungry they leave empty
and from the thirsty they withhold water.
Scoundrels use wicked methods,
they make up evil schemes
to destroy the poor with lies,
even when the plea of the needy is just.
But the noble make noble plans,
and by noble deeds they stand."

My prayer: As your son turned over the tables of the moneychangers in the temple, please continue to reveal how much displeasure we in your Church have evoked in you with our idol worship and lack of trust in You. Thank you so much for your grace despite our unwillingness to see how we have broken your heart by trusting in man over our Creator. Forgive me Father in the name of yor Son Jesus for my weakness and my lack of concern with those things that matter most to you. Revive our spirits with a fresh tilling of the Holy Spirit as we humble ourselves repent and seek your face. Heal us Lord for we are broken and in need of your touch. In Jesus name, we pray! Amen


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