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Who defends boy After school officials tried to take Bible and banned reading it

School Officials Tried to Take boy's Bible After Banning Him From Reading It
School Officials Tried to Take boy's Bible After Banning Him From Reading It
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You would never guess in probably a thousand years which organization has decided to defend a child when school officials allegedly tried to take his bible in an after school program, according to the Blaze. Normally the American Civil Liberties Union or ACLU has been on the other side of the fence in working to disrupt religious organization’s rights during Christmas or in prayer or other related matters. Yet, when the young Tennessee student claimed that officials at an after-school program told him he could not read his bible and tried to take it, the ACLU got involved…on the boy’s side.

That’s right the religious freedom of a student to read his Bible should not be abridged by a school when it is done during the boy’s free time. The Tennessee branch of the ACLU sent a firmly written letter to the Cannon County REACH after-school program urging school officials, “to better train staff on the proper handling of participants’ religious rights,” reported the Blaze.

In their defense the after-school program staff claimed that they attempted to take the Bible from the boy because of their understanding that the program could be defunded if the boy continued to harmlessly read his Bible.

Ignorance of a student’s religious rights has escalated over the past five years under the Obama administration and its assaults on religious freedoms. Even Pope Francis had to give the president a verbal spanking at the Vatican recently over Obamacare’s assault on religious rights when Obama visited recently.

So it is understandable that the school administrators of the publically funded program would be hyper sensitive in the current anti-religion hysteria being promoted by the president’s administration.

Fortunately for the young student the ACLU sides with him and reminded the school administrators that, “The goal of our letter is to clarify for the REACH program what seems to be a fundamental misunderstanding of how the Constitution protects religious liberty,” asserted The American Civil Liberties Union of Tennessee’s Executive Director Hedy Weinberg, according to the Blaze.

A boy and his Bible together again.

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