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Who Dat Nation, it's time to stop blaming Roger Goodell for everything

Roger Goodell isn't to blame anymore or really at all.
Roger Goodell isn't to blame anymore or really at all.
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On Tuesday, May 20, 2014, Minneapolis was awarded Super Bowl LII in 2018 as they won out over Indianapolis and New Orleans, per ESPN. Once the announcement was made, the fans of the New Orleans Saints jumped on every social media website imaginable and began throwing anger and blame at NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell, but that is just pointless and needs to stop.

Upon the announcement of New Orleans losing out for the first time on a Super Bowl bid, social media lit up with extreme hate for Goodell. The city was previously 10-for-10.

"Goodell had his hand in this. He's the reason New Orleans didn't get the Super Bowl."

"Thanks Commish. It's obvious now that you didn't want another big game here after the black out."

Let it be known that the Minnesota Vikings will have a brand new stadium that is set to open in 2016. Let's also not forget that New Orleans had a Super Bowl in 2013 and Indianapolis had one back in 2012. There are a couple of reasons that Minneapolis may have won out and it wasn't due to Goodell.

Oh yeah, it was also a vote that consisted of the NFL owners and Roger Goodell had nothing to do with the outcome.

Ever since Bountygate went down a couple years ago, the New Orleans Saints' fan base has held nothing back in their hatred for the NFL commissioner. Even though there were a number of people in the Saints organization that owned up to their involvement in the bounty scandal.

From there though, the Saints' fans believe Goodell to be the equivalent of the Antichrist.

Back in March, the NFL banned players from dunking the football over the goal post upon scoring a touchdown. Immediately, the Who Dat Nation jumped all over Roger Goodell and said that he had a personal vendetta against the New Orleans Saints.

Saints' star tight end, and former college basketball player, Jimmy Graham is well known for dunking the football over the goal post when he scores a touchdown.

Last season, Graham did his usual celebration in a Thursday night game against the Atlanta Falcons and all seemed alright at first. That was until his dunk ended up knocking the uprights off balance and causing a game delay while workers fixed them.

While Goodell and the NFL rules committee didn't pinpoint Graham for the rule change, the incident from the Falcons' game did play into the decision. Still, Goodell wasn't targeting the Saints due to his "personal hatred" for them.

The Who Dat Nation being upset over Bountygate was perfectly understandable as Sean Payton was lost for a year and other players were put under much scrutiny, but it wasn't Goodell's fault. Yes, many teams may have had a bounty program in place, but the Saints got busted and an example was made.

It could have happened to any of the 32 NFL teams.

All you have to do is look around the league and see other players that could claim to have been targeted by Goodell. Those include James Harrison, Donte Whitner, Kellen Winslow, and others.

When you do something wrong and you get caught, punishments are going to be handed down. The Saints did something wrong with Bountygate and some were punished, others were not, and it is now in the past.

Roger Goodell has had nothing to do with New Orleans not getting the Super Bowl.

Roger Goodell did not work to change the no goalpost dunking rule just because of Jimmy Graham.

Roger Goodell did not cause Darren Sproles to end up in Philadelphia or Lance Moore to be cut and sign with Pittsburgh. Yes, there were numerous Saints' fans that thought this happened because of the NFL commissioner.

If you don't like him, that's fine. If you're still bitter about Bountygate, that's fine. If you don't like the job he does as commissioner, that's fine. Just stop blaming Roger Goodell for everything that happens regarding professional football and the city of New Orleans.

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