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Who could be 'Black Veil' on 'Pretty Little Liars'?

What happened to that mystery woman dressed in black, affectionately known as Black Veil, from the season four premiere of Pretty Little Liars? And who was she? Will we see her again?

The stars of ABC Family's 'Pretty Little Liars' in New York on March 18
Photo by D Dipasupil/Getty Images

According to Joseph Dougherty, PLL executive producer, we did see her again in season four.

“Will she look the way she did at the funeral? No,” Dougherty said in an interview with Entertainment Weekly back in February. “But I can’t say that you won’t see her.”

So, who could this mysterious Black Veil be? Well, your guess is as good as ours, but we do have some ideas.

  • Alison DiLaurentis: Ali said that Mona played her like a fool to get her to leave town after she was attacked in her front yard the night she disappeared. And Mona said that someone stole the game from her, but she doesn’t know who (presumably “Uber A” who we assume is the same as Black Veil). Wouldn’t it make sense for Ali to be that person?
  • A Hastings sister: There has to be a reason Mrs. D seemingly hates the Hastings family so much. The body type of Black Veil sure could be a match for Spencer, Melissa or even a third sister that we don’t know about yet. Like we said, Mrs. D hates this family for a reason, maybe an evil third Hastings sister (or a Hastings evil twin?) could be responsible for the disappearance of Alison DiLaurentis.
  • Cece Drake: Cece disappeared after Emily confronted her about knowing Detective Wilden and she’s currently prime suspect for his murder. She was sneaking around as Red Coat. And, according to Cece in the season four finale, she knows a lot about Ali’s disappearance that the cops don’t.

So, while the true identity of Black Veil remains to be seen, one thing is for sure, showrunner Marlene King insists that she’s endgame.

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