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Who Cares if the President Goes to Church?

Today whilst reading the morning blogs, I cam across this article on, "After Another Church-Less Christmas, Coalition Asks: Is Obama a Christian Fraud?"

So the question I have for you today, dear readers, does it matter if the President of the United States attends church or not?

The article speaks about how the President used the Christian Community during the campaign but has not attended church on a regular basis since his election. A candidate used someone? Should we be surprised by this? The other question I have is would you, if you are a clergy person reading this, want POTUS to come to your church, I for one would not. I would not want to be subjected to the media, the secret service, and circus atmosphere that is involved wherever POTUS goes. People come to church to worship and I would not want that interrupted by some clown with a camera.

I do not know the stats on the Bush attendance at church whilst in the White House but I have never before seen interests in weather the first family attends church or not.

The article lists several things that shows that this POTUS is less Christian perhaps then we have seen before. Does this bother me, not really. How does the faith of one person affect me? I think we need to come to the reality that one day we might have a President who is wait for it... not a Christian.

Why is religion so attached to the Oval Office? Should it be?

What think you?


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