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Who brutally beat this kindergartner?

This child was reportedly beaten at school, but nobody saw it..
Facebook photo provided to the media for use; Avalynn Harris

A young child has been obviously battered, but the staff at her school are behaving suspiciously, according to this Monday news report. The child's mother Lacey Harris believes she was beaten by another child at a slide at the school, but the condition of the girl's face looks like she was literally brutalized. The child came home with a face that was battered nearly beyond recognition, and apparently she told her mother that another child did this. However, the school refused to look into the incident because nobody witnessed the event and no evidence of any criminal activity could be found.

However, a police investigation is now underway, and for good reason. The mother claims that the child was "kicked repeatedly in the face until she fell from a slide," which sounds like an absolutely traumatic event. The Pascagoula School District, where the child is a student in Mississippi, released a statement declaring that no other students were involved in her injuries. They claimed that the injuries were essentially the results of her simply falling on her face.

Did someone brutally beat this kindergartner, or are her injuries from falling off a slide by herself? Another question that could be asked is a little more controversial: Is Lacey Harris 100% positive that another student did this; Not an adult? The extent of the injuries in this girl's face is frightening, and makes it hard to believe another kindergartner is behind this. A page on Facebook has been started called Justice for AvaLynn, named after the child in question. The page has stayed up to date on posting information on the case, including debunking hoaxes that have recently popped up on Instagram and Twitter.

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