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Who are you when no one else is around

Who are you when no one else is around
Who are you when no one else is around

Who are you? What is it about your life you hide from others? When will it be something you care to share? Do the values add up to your behavior? Are you constantly pointing the finger at someone or others to ward off the truth?

Expectations, what do you expect of others and what kind of expectations do you have of yourself

We’ll start with the toughy first. What do you expect when you ask someone else to do something for you, no matter how big, a lover, a friend, a relative, and of you deadlines, diet etc.

Question all authority, these folks need to be motivated to change, or persuaded might be a better word here. If the proper motivation is lacking don‘t expect change.

Go with the flow, transformation and expectation is a “no muss no fuss” part of life and they adapt accordingly. Some people point and call them “goody goody two shoes,” but they are aroused by fulfillment in life.

The resentment opters, these people will go out of their way to make sure they do not meet your expectation whatever it may be. If you say black, they say white, if you say show up, they can’t. Then out of the clear blue they will do something to prove to you just how much they love you.Tell them their team won’t succeed and it will. It’s really about being a commitment-phobe but that’s another story.

Obligatory, external accountability is their motivation. They are the rocks to whom everyone can rely, they are perfectionists, and the most taken advantage of.

The key to happiness is to be who you really are

If you are envying others, if you are judging them, why? What about this do you have to be happy about? Who are you and what about who you are do you have to be grateful for?

What is it that you lie about

Lying is hiding the real you. There is no connection when you lie to what your values are and to what you are really all about.

When in the midst of temptation do you go cold turkey and back out or can you eat just one

Responsibility is a word that makes people run out of fear. Blek! Owning it sounds less brash. But knowing which person you are is a big giant step in the right direction. You are blaming others less and owning your own place on the game board of life more.

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