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Who are the sexiest Olympic Athletes? Ask dating site Plenty of Fish.

Bode Miller - sexiest Olympic Athlete
Photo by Adam Pretty/Getty Images

Olympic fever is at high pitch this week, and according to reports from Olympic Village in Sochi - the games aren't the only thing that's hot.

Dating site Plenty of Fish has come out with a new study identifying the sexiest Winter Olympic Athletes (oh - and the most and least attractive sports) according to users of the site.

The results? Snowboarder Bode Miller was far and away the first choice for single gals. The women were a little more of a toss-up with Lolo Jones and Linn Haug almost tying for sexiest female athlete.

Here are the full results:

Top 5 Sexiest Male Athletes Competing at Sochi:

Bode Miller (Snowboarding) 22.4%
Henrik Lundqvist (Hockey) 15.6%
Charlie White (Figure Skating) 6.1%
Bobby Brown (Skiing) 3.4%
Shani Davis (Speed Skating) 1.4%

Top 5 Sexiest Female Athletes Competing at Sochi:

Lolo Jones (Bobsleigh) 14.9%
Linn Haug (Snowboarding) 14.2%
Anna Fenninger (Skiing) 11.2%
Anna Sidorova (Curling) 10.8%
Tina Maze (Alpine Skiing) 8.6%

Feeling bad for your favorite athletes not on the list? Don't worry. Olympic competitors have been making good use of dating app Tinder in order to find some quick motivation before competing, so I'm sure the ones who didn't make the list are doing just fine on their own.

As for the sexiest Winter Olympic sports, snowboarding and ice hockey come first for single women, each earning 27.3% of the votes. An overwhelming 43.6% of single men consider figure skating to be the sexiest Winter Olympic sport. Men and women agree that curling is the least attractive Winter Olympic sport - (41.7% of women and 28.3% of men).

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