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Who are the best karaoke singers

One of the best singers?
One of the best singers?

Performers with exceptional vocal talent are not necessarily the best karaoke singers. Dancing wildly around the room as you sing is often entertaining but this also may not make you one of the best singers at a show. The audience, other singers and the karaoke host will all have different opinions about who the best singers are during a show, based on what is impressive or important to them.

Singers waiting to perform usually will not appreciate when the show is delayed by people who take too long to get to the stage to perform. When singers are not prepared to sing once they are on stage because they don't have a song selected, or can't decide what they want to sing, or force the KJ to restart the song because they are not paying attention or are talking with the audience, other singers tend become impatient or possibly annoyed.

Some singers change their mind repeatedly and hold up the show by having the KJ search for other songs to sing. This wastes time and cuts down the number of songs that can be sung during the show. As the number of singers increases, it becomes more important to conserve time between singers to allow more people to have a chance to perform. When singers choose to sing very long songs or waste time between singers, other performers have to wait longer for their turn or lose their turn entirely due to the venue's time restrictions.

Singing an inappropriate song filled with obscenities may amuse friends but may upset the KJ, the owner or manager of the establishment, and others in the audience. Performing the same songs each week at the same show will become boring to the audience and other singers who frequently attend this show regardless of how well the song are done.

Attending 5 karaoke shows a week will not make a person one of the best singers unless the person is constantly striving to improve their talent, adds different songs to their repertoire, and supports the venues.

Bars and restaurants that offer entertainment must pay for that entertainment as well as any additional workers on hand during the show. Karaoke shows that are not supported by the people who come to perform will usually be canceled by the owners because the show is not profitable.

The best karaoke singers don't need to act crazy, constantly sing ballads, come to every karaoke show possible, sing the same songs every week, or show off their vocal abilities with every performance. They don't need to sing the longest songs available, or to go to the stage and try to sing with other singers.

The best singers respect other performers, (they don't carry on loud conversations near the current performer or try to sing along loud enough for others to hear their voice). The best singers try to perform various songs they do well. They sing popular songs that suit the venue or audience, are prepared to sing when called to the stage, and support the venues they enjoy the most.

Are you one of the "Best" karaoke singers?

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