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Who are Republicans?


Yard sign for the park tax opposition

Being a Republican has meant many different things to many different people over the years. Republicans have carried the responsibility of being socially conservative, fiscally responsible, increasing national security and even freeing the slaves.

With the exception of a few “blue dogs” it seems that the Democratic Party is united in their push for their extremist agenda. Republicans, on the other hand, seem to be searching for their identity. The Republican Party nominated a moderate to liberal homage to the Rockefeller Republicans as their presidential candidate. McCain was unable to excite the conservative base of the Republican Party unlike his predecessor, Bush, who campaigned as a conservative without any conservative credentials.

We are left with the question, “who are Republicans?” It seems that the average members of the GOP have a more socially conservative and fiscally responsible point of view while the Republican elites have leaned considerably further left than their constituents. This would explain why the ranks of the GOP have diminished while the number of Independents and Libertarians have grown.

While these questions have been asked over and over again on the national level, it’s important to ask the same question on a local level. While the nation was electing a leftist that joins the ranks of FDR, Woodrow Wilson and Jimmy Carter, the fiscally conservative voters of Boone County voted against a tax increase that was designed to increase the amount of parks in the county which has more parks than any other county in Northern Kentucky.

The man campaigning for this tax hike was Boone County’s Republican Judge Executive, Gary Moore. Moore has enjoyed support from a majority of his local party, however, 66% of Boone County voted against his tax increase.

As Moore faces his first tough primary election for his position, one has to wonder if the people of Boone County will vote against a candidate who holds a different political philosophy than they or will they vote for the incumbent simply because they know his name?

Moore’s opponent is his only voice of opposition in Boone County’s Fiscal Court, Commissioner Cathy Flaig. She adamantly railed against the park tax as well as fought for the tax payers of Boone County by trying to cut unnecessary costs from Boone County’s budget. Unfortunately, Flaig is not being supported by powerful Kentucky Republicans like Mitch McConnell.

In May of 2010, the Republicans of Boone County have an opportunity to define themselves as fiscal and social conservatives or as followers of the Republican establishment.

For more info: Citizens for Cathy Flaig


  • Morris Hayes 5 years ago

    I think you are absolutly right Chris, I think it's time we conservatives get back to our routes. The fact that Moore has the support of Senator Mcconnell is reason enough for me to vote for Ms. Flaig.

  • PatriotforChrist 5 years ago

    1. Tax rate in 1999 11.9 cents before Judge Moore. Tax Rate in 2009 10.2 cents lowest in region after Judge Moore.
    2. Only county not to have Tax Increase on the ballot in NKY. Instead $400,000 shortfall covered with spending cuts and rainy day saved from prior years when times were good.
    3. Payroll Tax lowered in Boone County - see Cincy Enquirer
    4. Boone Unemployment rate 2 percentage points lower than KY and NKY average.
    5. Boone County fastest growing community in the Commonwealth
    6. Boone County Jail is self funded. Does not use a dime of taxpayer money.
    7. So good of economic environment in Boone County US playing cards just announced $30,000,000 Investment and 500 jobs.
    8. Cathy Flaig voted WITH Gary 95% of the time up till last year.
    9. Parks Issue was a revenue neutral proposal (lowered Library revenues). Judge Moore voted to put it on the ballot to let people decide.

    A Challenge - Name 1 visionary accomplishment championed by Cathy Flaig? Pl

  • Susie Hayes 5 years ago

    Chris, that was a fine article you wrote. I do not understand, or agree with Republicans, and Democrats. Therefore, I am neither, but you made the article interesting. Good luck on your next one.

  • rpk 5 years ago

    PatriotforChrist aka Joy- Sure the tax rates went down but my tax bill went up!!! Anyone with half a brain knows that if your rate goes down 2% and your property value increases 10% your bill is going up!! You hubby likes to leave that part out!!