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Who are baby boomers?

The baby boomer generation is the largest of all past and present generations. Born to the returning soldiers from World War II and the war in Korea this generation is more populous than the preceding builder generation and the two generations to follow.

Michael J Fox.
Photo by Jason Merritt/Getty Images
Famous baby boomer producer-director Ron Howard attends the 25th annual Producers Guild of America Awards at The Beverly Hilton Hotel on January 19, 2014.
Photo by Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images

Marketers discovered baby boomers could drive entire markets by just connecting to them through the new media of television. They still move the international marketplace with their buying power and their general acceptance of new products, including new technical products designed to make life easier.

Born between 1943 and 1964, the generation is known for having a free spirit and dedication to social causes. Some break the generation of the two smaller groups – older boomers born before 1955 and younger boomers born in 1956 and later. The reason for this separation are the major events of the early 1960s. Historians say the assassinations of major political leaders and the risk of draft to the Vietnam War did not impress the second half of the generation as much as the first.

But the entire generation was shaped by entertainment and inventions that included Elvis Presley, the Beatles, the Motown sound, rock ‘n roll and 24 hour on music radio stations. Air-conditioning, microwave ovens, FM radio and most importantly television provided a common fiber shared by all baby boomers.

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