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Whitney Thore: Don’t say she can’t dance

Whitney Thore can dance!
Whitney Thore can dance!
itsMRich/YouTube screenshot

Whitney Thore is a blogger and radio producer but what stands out with her is her dancing and her weight. She taught dancing in college but she was forced to give it up due to a medical condition. Thore was diagnosed with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) in college which caused her to gain 200 pounds. For this reason, she gave up dancing until recently when a co-worker and friend, Jared Pike, suggested she make a “Fat Girl Dancing” video series.

The rest is history.

She told the Huffington Post she was unable to ‘face her reflection’ so she failed dance class in the first trimester. Unfortunately, her self-image was based on the ideals of other people’s expectations of a dancer. Basically, she gave up her passion for dancing because she didn’t fit the ‘mold’ of what a dancer should look like according to what people believe.

Societal expectations often limit a person’s abilities. These expectations dictate what people can do and what they can’t do in life. Individuals incorporate these social ideals into their self-image which can limit their goals in life.

Whitney Thore broke that societal barrier with her self-confidence and love for dancing. Her talent for dancing is apparent at any weight.

Keep it up, Whitney!! Not only are you beautiful, you dance beautifully!

Whitney’s YouTube

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