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Whitney Port smiles proudly at Coachella

Whitney Port made it known to the world about her triumphate return to Coachella music festival on Saturday over in Palm Springs, California, reports Zimbio. Whitney ventured herself over to the Guess Hotel at the Viceroy Palms Springs for more than several photo-ops in front of music speakers and down by the pool.

Photo Courtesy of Zimbio, used with permission

Whitney's summer-like outfit for the outdoor weekend long event was a midnight blue v-neck tank top blouse tucked in a pair of checkered black & white folded up jean shorts. Whitney too had a pair of light-weight leopard print sneakers with big colorful arm bracelet, and sunglasses worn on and off in several photos.

Whitney too continued the Coachella fun via her Instagram displaying the sights and sounds of Palm Springs, California, as well as candid selfies of Whitney out & about. Whitney also brought along fiance, Tim Rosenman to the desert this weekend with Tim giving a grunting face as Whitney said it was his very first Coachella.

Speaking of engagements, Lauren Conrad explained in this week's Us Magazine issue that she's sticking to gown-friendly diet whipping up low-calorie meals like kale salad with egg-white and mustard dressing. Lauren too says she's staying in shape via circuits of jumping jacks, squats, and pushups along with 5 mile hikes taking fiance, William Tell with her.

And today at, Lauren has a social etiquette piece about emailing like a pro following a few simple steps to get ahead at work. Plus, Lauren's edible obsessions are easter egg macaroon nests made of coconut, chocolate eggs, nutella, eggs, butter, sugar, and salt.

This examiner's yet to experience the party-filled, life altering weekend experience that is Coachella with friends you know (or may not know.) But if this examiner decides to, it will not be long now that the Lauren Conrad Examiner will publish a story about Coachella direct from Palm Springs, California.

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