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Whitney Houston: The truth about her singing voice at the time of her death.

Whitney Houston is considered the greatest vocalist of our time according to Oprah Winfrey and the rest of the world. Oprah titled Whitney as "The Voice" due to the power, classical tone, and timeless vocal dynamics she ensued in every vocal performance she did.

The world glorified Whitney when she was at the time of her game, but unfortunately, due to her own personal challenges with the disease of drug addiction, it seemed that the world helped her addiction descend her into her fall from grace by astrosizing her and creating scandalizing tabloid front page news.

Many rumors stirred of Whitney's voice being destroyed and completely gone according to magazine publications, such as: "US

It was claimed that "The Voice" was gone. Whitney fought hard to beat her addiction disease to her death. Many may look at her life as a failure or a fall from grace, however, her love for GOD saved her and her voice in the end. Contrary to popular belief and public scrutiny of the loss of her great voice, according to the coroner's report, at the time of Whitney's death, her voice was not scarred at all, not even one bit of damage. It was her lungs that had been damaged from the smoking which wouldn't allow her to have enough air to push the big voice to the capacity of greatness it still had. You see, Whitney Houston had suffered from mild emphysema due to the constant smoking.

Emphysema is

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