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Whitley Strieber discusses California mystery missile

Whitley Strieber discusses California mystery missile
Whitley Strieber discusses California mystery missile

The first hour guests on Coast to Coast AM Radio last night were author Whitley Strieber and investigative journalist Charles R. Smith. Strieber is a frequent and very popular guest on Coast to Coast and last night's topic was the mysterious missile launched around 5 PM off the coast of California.

As of showtime, the origins of the missile, if it even was a missile, were still unknown.

Strieber made the following observations:

  • Based on the contrails it either had to be an airplane or an extremely large missile. However, contrails can do strange things and the video is difficult to see. The size of the contrail was comparable to the contrail created by a trident missile.
  • The fact that officials announced so quickly that it wasn't a national security threat suggests that someone somewhere knows what it was and they're not yet willing to say.
  • If it was intentionally or accidentally launched by another country, the navy would be crawling all over the area right now but there is no one investigating anything out there.
  • It could have been an accidental launch by a Soviet or Russian missile boat because they're notorious for these types of mistakes. However, they generally like to keep their subs beneath the Arctic ice cap so they can remain undetected. They rarely come in this close.

Both Strieber and Smith said they had heard of similar incidents occurring in the Gulf area and in Newfoundland in June of this year and a caller to the show said he had witnessed the same type of event over Catalina just last week.

Smith stated that, while there were no reports of ships in the area that would be large enough to launch such a huge missile, it is possible that it was launched from a standard ship. He says that the Iran has been testing launching SCUD missiles from cargo ships.

When asked if it could possibly been one of our own missiles being tested, both Strieber and Smith agreed that it would be foolish for anyone to test a missile of that size in such a densely populated area, especially one with so much air traffic. And if it wasn't one of ours, then another country would be foolish to be testing in an area of such high visibility.

A key question remains, though. What WAS the object? Strieber believes the contrail was just too large to have been created by a typical ICBM. But that the object moved too fast to be an airplane. He also considers the fact that there was no sonic boom and no other traffic in the area to be mysterious.

One caller claimed that he had just received word from a 'friend' that the government had just confirmed that it was one of our own private companies doing testing, but he didn't say testing on what. However, Strieber and Smith both claim this is highly unlikely because there was no advance warning issued to pilots or the people who live in the area and no flight plans filed with the FAA. If this was a test conducted by a private company then they were inexcusably lax by launching without clearing the airspace first and notifying the populace.

There is also some speculation among Strieber and Smith that, with President Obama out of the country, some other country may just be letting us know they're out there and they have a missile.

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  • Profile picture of Kris Bradley
    Kris Bradley 4 years ago

    Oh, I've loved Whitley Strieber for years (since I first picked up a copy of Communion). It's great to get his input on such a mysterious subject.

    I've heard every theory from US mistake, Russian mistake to they were shooting a UFO out of the sky! The lack of military scurrying around anywhere makes me think it's just what they are saying it is, the stream behind a plane or jet.

    Doesn't make for near as an interesting story, though!

  • Profile picture of Donna Anderson
    Donna Anderson 4 years ago

    Hi Kris! Yeah, it's always great to hear from Whitley. And it almost seems like something legit. BUT....

    If they know what it was, why isn't anyone saying? And if they DON'T know what it was, why isn't anyone out there investigating? Kinda weird.

    Whatever it was, it made for an entertaining first hour! LOL