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Whitey Bulger among several ex-Alcatraz cons still in prison

Maryland/Minnesota/Ohio DOC's
Pictured above L to R: James "Whitey" Bulger, Harvey Carignan, Frank Sprenz and Isiah Andrews

Former Boston mobster and longtime fugitive James "Whitey" Bulger is currently the subject of two films -- a documentary that premiered last week and a Hollywood feature starring Johnny Depp due out in 2015 according to Friday's report.

Bulger was captured in 2011 and found guilty on racketeering charges in 2013 that included his involvement in 11 murders. The 84-year-old is serving two life sentences plus five years at the federal penitentiary in Tucson, Arizona.

He is one of four ex-Alcatraz inmates still incarcerated today.

Bulger was sent to "The Rock" in November 1959 after being implicated in an escape plot in the Atlanta prison where he was doing time for bank robbery. Though he would eventually become quite famous, he went unnoticed at Alcatraz.

"I don't remember him, didn't know him," said imprisoned serial killer and rapist Harvey Carignan who'd been at Alcatraz eight years when Bulger arrived. Carignan, 86, is a serving life sentence at the state prison in Stillwater, Minnesota.

It wasn't until 1995 that Bulger came to the attention of much of the public when he fled a pending indictment and became an FBI Top Ten Fugitive.

While he was on the run, a previous Top Tenner named Frank Sprenz was convicted of double manslaughter and sentenced to 35-75 years in Ohio. The 84-year-old was once known as the "Flying Bank Bandit" after robbing a bank and stealing a small airplane to make his getaway. Sprenz landed a direct commitment to Alcatraz just five months before Bulger got there.

Also in the Ohio prison system is 76-year-old Isiah Andrews who is doing life for murdering his wife in 1975. He previously killed a sergeant while in the Marine Corps and was later shipped to Alcatraz as a custodial concern in 1961.

Andrews has a parole hearing this month.

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