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Whiteside County AC investigates death of dog left in an outdoor cage to starve

A one-year-old pit bull was left to die in a cage in the backyard of a vacant home.
A one-year-old pit bull was left to die in a cage in the backyard of a vacant home.
Whiteside Animal Control website

The Whiteside County Animal Control in Illinois is investigating the heartbreaking death of a young dog apparently left in a kennel cage in the backyard of a home the owner moved out of over a week ago reported

According to neighbors, the one-year-old, gray pit bull's body was found curled up in his cage on a small blanket; his food bowl was empty. Snow had settled on his body.

During the previous week, the dog's owner estranged wife had called Animal Control and told authorities the dog was being neglected in the basement of the home. When Animal Control went over to investigate, no one was home; they left a note stating:

“NOTE: We also spoke with a neighbor who stated the person was moving out but he had not seen the dog since before winter.”

A caretaker sent over to clean up the property made the tragic discovery.

Neighbors were extremely upset and said they would have gladly taken the dog and found him a new home.

At this time, the Whiteside County Animal Control is investigating.

Rest in peace little dog.

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