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Whiten teeth in a flash with Whitening Lightning ZERO White

While we need dentists to keep our teeth healthy, all one needs to brighten them is the new ZERO White from Whitening Lightening. It costs much less than a professional treatment and can be done right at home in minutes. What’s more it works, it really does depending on just how yellow your teeth might be of course. But even if your teeth, caps, crowns or veneers are seriously stained and discolored this can help big time.

Watch the video to see how you can whiten teeth in a flash at home
Courtesy of Whitening Lightning

The chemical-free ZERO WhiteTM product line contains a specially formulated botanical based solution that is free of peroxide and will not cause sensitivity.

Simply apply a gel to yiur teeth and let it sit for about 20-minutes while read, relax or work at your desk. In between treatments you can use the Whitening Pen ($29) for touch ups. The system costs $115 (a small price to pay for a sparkling smile) and you should see a big improvement in a week or two. Check it out at

Watch the video with the giggling girl to see how this product works.

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