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WhiteBoySpacey…Mike Koch…New era hip-hop artist

Hip Hop Music
Mike Koch

Music is freedom. Music is the artist venue for saying what they want to say, for thinking what they want to think, for expressing their creativity.

Music is healing to the listener. Music is where the listener can feel that someone else has been through what they have. Music unites.

If there is anything in this world than can create magic, it is music. Music can make a summer day romantic; music can pep you up while exercising, music can make you cry; music can make you smile; music can make you remember, and music can allow you to escape for a while.

Music is art; music is power; music is love; and music is perfect.

There is a new artist in Enid, Oklahoma, who has passion, dreams, and talent. His name is Mike Koch aka WhiteBoySpacey. He is a New Era Hip-hop artist hailing from the red-dirt state of Oklahoma.

At the young age of ten, Mike, wrote his first song over an instrumental single of a cassette tape. His inspiration was the hip hop community and lifestyle. His influences were FuShnickens, BustaRhymes, The No Limit Family, and BoneThugsNHarmony, just to name a few.

Mike detested the stigma of being a rapper and white groups like 3rd base and “rapper” Vanilla Ice really got under his skin. His mission was to break the cycle. Mike said, “I’ve always wanted to be original, and think outside the box. I wanted my creative flair to shake the music world,” Mike continued, “I feel if it comes natural, and it’s a part or your soul, then express it!”

Mike is proof that you don’t have to fit a certain stereotype to be a rapper. He is the new father of a precious baby girl, holds a full-time job, and obeys the law. He explained it did not matter if you grew up in the ghetto or a rich neighborhood, it did not matter what your race or sex is, if being a rapper is in your soul, then rap, and don’t listen to anyone who wants to put you down.

Mike aka WhiteBoySpacey, is multi-talented. He is a lyricist and also produces; he is an avid song writer and is currently working with his fellow E-Town label mate, MartyMcFly, aka Rolo, on his 6th mix tape and brainstorming. His new album has plenty of surprises, and the surprises carry into the label and production company, (Leftfield Productions.)

Mike is proud to brag on Rolo. He is a genius when it comes to the “ear” for music and the way Rolo produces is a style in its own.

Expect to hear a lot more from WhiteBoySpacey and his camp in the now, and the near future.


They are here and they are ready to leave their mark on the music scene

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