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White Wines of Summer

Castelo Do Papa Godello, 2012
Linda Foxworth

Chardonnay and Sauvignon Blanc are lovely white wines to sip in the summer. But there is a whole wide world of white wines that are worth at least a try.

Some less common, but interesting grapes are grown all over the world and available in Reno stores. Argentina makes Torrontes wine. The Loire Valley of France is known for its Chenin Blanc. Northern Italy offers its now quite popular Pinot Grigio. Australia does beautiful things with the Semillon grape. From Austria comes Gruner Veltliner. Portugal makes a light Vinho Verde. Spain is known for its Albarino wine. But there is another grape from Spain, that is, though lesser known, quite a nice wine grape.

Godello is a grape that is grown in the Valdeorras region on the northwestern side of Spain. Like many white wines from Green Spain, Godello has a tangy acidity, which makes it very food-friendly. But this grape has a richness to it, also, that lets it stand up to heavier dishes and creamy sauces. Yes, this is a white wine that will pair well with ceviche, salmon with hollandaise, and herbed, roasted chicken. It's structure of medium plus body and crisp acidity, give this grape its versatility.

Castelo Do Papa makes a 100% Godello wine that is light golden in color. The aromas are of creamy vanilla and pear with just a whiff of mineral. Well balanced, with a medium finish, this wine has both substantial structure and complex aromas. It is available at Total Wine for 13.99.

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