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White wine of the week: 2007 Lynfred Viognier


2007 Lynfred Viognier

Lynfred Winery's Viognier is a must try. Each sip of this delightful white wine carries aromas of honey and melon to ones nose. The 2007 vintage starts out with a slight sweetness, and finishes with a refreshing touch of acidity.

The early history of the Viognier grape varietal is shrouded in mystery. However mysterious the varietal’s history may be, The grapes used at Lynfred Winery are top quality. Lynfred prepares each of their wines with the same passionate diligence, and the Viognier is no exception.

Lynfred Winery has been producing top quality wine in Illinois for thirty years, and now has numerous locations throughout the Chicago-land area. Each wine is distinguishable from the next, and they start around twenty dollars a bottle.

There are many myths and legends about how this varietal arrived in the Rhone Valley of France, but it is no mystery that this is one wine that nearly anyone can enjoy. Try it with seafood, appetizers, or on its own.

Looking for a wine to go with that spicy dish you’re planning for dinner? Try a wine with a little sweetness, like a Riesling or Viognier to offset the heat.

For more info: Visit Lynfred Winery on the web, or view the list of other locations where their wines are available near you.


  • Lynfred Winery 5 years ago

    Thank you for such a wonderful review Mr. Schneider!