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White Wedding what you need to know if Mother Nature is an unexpected guest

A winter wedding is beautiful if conditions allow
A winter wedding is beautiful if conditions allow

Winter is a very romantic time of year to snuggle up to the one you love and even marry them. But what happens if your dream of a beautiful wedding turns to a white wedding and is threatened by an incoming winter snowstorm?

Often we fear planning an outdoor wedding simply because of the threat of inclement weather. However, planning a in-door winter wedding opens up new questions regarding what to do if it snows on your wedding day. Just like planning an outdoor wedding, a winter wedding requires a back-up plan.

First, go into the planning phase knowing up front that the possibility that it can happen to you is very real. This will save you from upset and allow you to reorganize plans effectively if indeed Mother Nature takes action on your wedding day.

It is suggested to have a phone tree so that in the event of inclement weather or change in plans, guest can be readily contacted. Break your list up into sections of the alphabet and assign a specific number of guest to your wedding party to contact on your behalf. As soon as it is suggested that the threat of an incoming snowstorm is evident it is best to start communicating with your key players such as the church, banquet hall, and caterer. Discuss thoroughly your options in regards to delay, rescheduling to the next day, or the following weekend.

Often, brides feel that inclement weather is a total nightmare. However, the nightmare actually happens when emotions take precedence over good judgment and the safety of all parties involved is jeopardized. If it is evident that your wedding day is going to be a state of emergency it is best to let go as early as possible and make alternate plans for a smooth transition. If you decide to plow forward, here are some enlightening considerations that will allow you to redirect your emotions into a much more positive direction. Expect the possibility of key wedding players and event specialist being unable to comply with your decision. Most, are protected by the, "Act of God Clause", in thier professional contracts. Finding key replacements such as a Minister to marry you, in the middle of a storm, is extremely difficult. Expect guest delays at airports and the inability to reach your location do to the weather and road conditions, thus affecting your guest count. It is sad to see a beautifully decorated ballroom with one-hundred place settings and only twenty guest in attendance. Once the caterer has executed the commencement of an event, the investment is exhausted and there are no refunds to consider. Most catering facilities start preparing an event three to four hours prior to your arrival.  Most importantly, consider the unfortunate possibility of injury to yourself or one of your guest in an attempt to honor your invitation and decision to move forward regardless of such weather conditions.

The key to planning any successful wedding is to always have a solid back-up plan. Thinking, "It will not happen to me", is not going to comfort you if you find yourself in this situation. If you know the date of your wedding is a high-risk date, discuss the secondary plans with all wedding specialists and have a plan on standby. Having a good plan to execute will prepare you mentally if indeed you are facing the inevitable and will insure a stress-free transition in the event you must call for activation. Most importantly, the safety of your guest and the insurance that you will marry the love of your life under happy conditions are the most important ingredients of any wedding day.


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