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White Summer in Southern CA.

white denim
white denim

Summer was officially kicked off on June 22nd! Now that the weather permits for lighter clothes, it's time to ditch the heavy fabrics such as wool and leather and bring out the linens and light cottons. Summer is the perfect opportunity to wear bright bold colors and especially white. White is best in the midst of summer not only because it looks good but because it helps reflect the sun and keep you cool.

All the guys who usually never wear shorts, it's now the right time to get a pair of cargo white cut-offs. An alternative to the shorts would be a pair of white light weight linen slacks. These look great when paired with boat shoes or sandals. Don't be afraid to go all white from head to toe either. A nice white V-neck vintage shirt or even a button up can compliment a pair of white skinny jeans, no socks, and white loafers. Los Angeles has tons of places with affordable whites. Z. Loft Boutique, Gap, and Urban Outfitters are just a few of the places with a plethora of white fashions for the summer.