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White Sox Humber goes Top 10

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A ballgame is a ballgame is a ballgame— except when it's perfect. Then it becomes a cultural touchstone.

White Sox pitcher Philip Humber found that out. His perfect game Saturday led to a David Letterman Top Ten on Monday.

Humber's a great story— a journeyman pitcher, who twice changed teams after being clamed on waivers, became the 21st pitcher ever to throw a perfect game when he retired all 27 Seattle Mariners he faced on Saturday.

It's a rare enough feat to merit face time with Dave. Humber radiated "aw shucks" with a Texas twang, laughing when Letterman told him "I'd retire now."

Indeed, the unscripted chatter was funnier than most of the Top Ten lines Humber had to read. Letterman expressed shock that Humber hadn't iced his arm after his historic win, citing fictitious experience in "Mexican ball": "We iced after every game, whether we played or not."

And Humber even got a laugh after Dave recalled that he'd briefly pitched for the Mets. "How'd that go?" Dave asked. "Not so good, they got rid of me," Phil drawled in reply.

The best of the "Top Ten thoughts going through Philip Humber's mind during his perfect game":

#10— Don't jinx it by thinking about it. Don't jinx it by thinking about it. I'm thinking about it.

#9 Thank goodness for my catcher-- AJ Pierzanky... Piernotski, Pierznoski...whatever.

#7 Thank goodness I drafted myself for my fantasy team.

#4 Grab some piune, ducklips!

#1 Humber? How about Humbest?

More of Humber here. The full thing should be posted on Tuesday.