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White, black or counter-culture privilege: Just whose privilege is it?

I would like to speak from the heart about something I know about. As a very young man, I can remember going to enquire about some jobs and were told they all were taken. Sometimes my white friends could walk right in and get that Job. I remember being offered a Job by a farmer; he showed me and a friend an old black man that had worked for him most all his life. He said, “He has been a loyal and great employee, but the first time he ever says ‘yes and no’ to me, I will fire him. Then he asked, “Do you understand?” We both started saying yes and no every time, in spite of the fact we normally would have been saying yes sir and no sir as we did all older people. He never caught on and told us to come back the next morning. Of course we did not. We literally laughed about that episode of our lives, for years. It was a different time in America.

My oh my, All that White privilege has no government power
by patheosDOTcom

There was a time further back; many have heard me talk about, when someone like my uncle who was the actual foreman, in a business in the south, could not wear that title. I was a little kid. I remember him talking, as a matter of factly, about doing all the work of the Foreman; including training the young white man who acted as foreman in areas in which he would not have been respected. The funny thing is, I never, ever detected any bitterness. He had a great relationship with those for whom he worked but he took no crap from anybody. Those were the days Democrats controlled almost everything. It just happened to be the way it was. But I heard both him and my dad say often. “I’d rather be a poor black man than a poor white man, any day.” For some reason that I still won’t fully explain here, older blacks in those days saw the poor black as better off than a poor white man, in whom they saw no useful advantage.

Now, we are even at a different day and time. In the early 1990s I was hired by a firm that had never hired a black person before. The owner and I became great friends; the same with his main investor. That main investor, I later found out, divested himself of the company when I was hired. He told me about it. This Man was not racist in any way. What had happened to this white man was an example of what he had seen elsewhere. He was a President in a large well known insurance and effects company. He hired a black woman and a white woman the same day. They were buddies. When one wasn’t at work, the other one missed also. He even said that they both got pregnant about the same time. After 3 warnings and their continued inability to faithfully do their duties, he frankly fired them both. They both complained and sought redress of what they thought was grievances. The White woman found that there was not a darn thing she could do, but the black woman claimed that it was a racial issue with her. She got some people speaking out and she got paid. The White friend got nothing. Of course my new friend got labeled as a racist. So, when he knew that I was being hired at his new all white company, he just knew it was time to take his money out of it.

The truth be told information is the most powerful thing in the universe. God even based the way to salvation upon it. Therefore through the use of speech, you can have as much power as you can weld. Whomever is given sole control of speech, has control of all. In our country, blacks can say just about anything. Louis Farrakhan, all but called for race war the other day and ends up on Tavis Smylie's show. A white person could not do that and survive even among other whites. Blacks did not take this privilege, it was openly given by whites. Whites have have done an internal inspection of themselves and have sought to fix any problems done by their ancestors. Blacks as a whole have yet to be so introspective and think they have a right to all that they say whites is not allowed to say and do. This privilege is now being sought by other minority groups but none has welded quite the power that blacks have to use it, yet. Privileges blacks hold are very powerful and are now beginning to be abused, just like whites did in the past. Alas, what can we say, "All people are the same." It is time for more introspection. This time by blacks, because even thought for example women are being used by politicians, it is blacks that seems to be moving in the opposite direction in their communities.

So why do you think I mentioned all these things? It is simple; we are living in a time when the privileges of those in this country are not being spoken of correctly. Today, there are often advantages to being black. Some of them should not be in law anymore; they allow advancement for less than excellence. This does a disservice to all. There are counter culture advantages as was shown recently by a gay basketball player who can come out and say, hey look at me, I can defy what is obvious; that male was made for female. He is cheered. If anyone dares to believe God, he had better keep it to himself or be prepared to suffer the effects of persecution. That, more and more, is being revealed by people not being hired, being suspended, fired or having to go through some reeducation process. Now, that is privilege, wither the human mind will admit it or not. The Advantage is of such a nature that it can destroy the lives and livelihood of those who refuse to acquiesce. In fact the least advantaged, at varying rates, are the conservative, black and white man; the conservative gay person or woman. This idea in today’s American society of white privilege is a conundrum of confused old ideas by which people looking for a method to manipulate others, do so. The Truth be told we are all privileged as Americans. That is why people are racing to get here. We should make sure that fact is known; stop complaining, seeking control of others and be proud of it.

The glory of the calling of God: the reason man exists

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