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White powder and erratic dancing lead to arrest of Florida's Elizabeth Quintana

Elizabeth Quintana, 43, was arrested Friday for driving a stolen car.
Elizabeth Quintana, 43, was arrested Friday for driving a stolen car.

A Florida woman’s moves like Jagger led to her arrest Friday after she caused quite a disturbance as a south Florida high school.

According to a Jan 10th Monroe County Sheriff’s office press release, a woman was spotted on the grounds of Coral Gables high school acting erratically. Assistant Principal Blake Fry told the on-site deputy that a woman with white powder all over her face was beating her white BMW with a bungee cord and threatening students with a rock.

As it turns out, her white BMW was stolen.

When officers arrived the car was gone along with the whimsical dancer. They did manage to catch up with the woman near Coral Isles Church where her car was blocking a lane of the road. Interestingly, she was out of the car, dancing on the side of the road and muttering things about “Disney”.

Deputies say that she was wearing strange clothing that was wet and she had white powder all over her face.

Deputies identified the woman as 43-year-old Elizabeth Quintana. They also identified that the car she was driving was stolen from Miami on Jan 9, 2013.

The car happened to stop on the highway because it apparently ran out of gas.

Quintana was magically booked into the Monroe County jail and charged with grand theft of the automobile, trespassing on school grounds and disorderly conduct.

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