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White plastic link watch

Toy Watch

So you are coveting the watch you saw Ali wear on The Bachelor.  (That was a Hello Kitty, white plastic link watch given away in one of the Swag Bags).  Or maybe even the white watch that Sandra Bullock wore in The Blind Side. (That was a Toy Watch - yes, that is the brand name).  Well look no further.  They are all over town.  From New York & Co to Target.  You just need a large white plastic link watch.  The Toy Watch is actually a copy of a Chanel watch.  I am sure it is the Chanel that Kathie Lee Gifford wears on the Today talk show.  The Hello Kitty watch runs $995, the Toy Watch runs $295, and the Chanel watch, well it's a Chanel.   You can find inspired styles for $25 and up, just start looking.  If you don't mind the $100 dollar range Fossil makes a great one, and in the $50's is Anne Klein.  I think the Fossil is one of the better looking.  So hey, get shopping.  You know you need one.  I know I do.  Watches the new fashion accessory.