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White Out during snowstorm

White Out
White Out

Didn’t get enough snow over the weekend to satisfy your craving for the white stuff?

Does watching the clouds form and the snow pile up give you a secret thrill? Are you one of those people who love snowboarding, skiing, or sledding? Or does the mere thought of shoveling out enough to make your back start aching?

If you didn’t get your fill of snow during our weekend blizzard, or if you just want a good action movie to curl up with during the next storm, then head to your nearest Block Buster for White Out.
Warner Brothers film is now available on DVD and Blu Ray for your home viewing pleasure.

Kate Beckinsale, whom you will remember from the Underworld movies has gone down under this time and we’re not talking Australia here. She plays U.S. Marshall Carrie Stetko who while doing research in Antarctica, stumbles across a crime scene and tries to solve the mystery before winter sets in, trapping her in the most brutal environment in the world.

There’s action, drama, mystery and of course, plenty of white stuff. The movie trailer describes Antarctica as a place that “Nature never intended for you to survive” and as “the most isolated landmass on the planet”, and you thought you were the only one getting cabin fever.

So grab your popcorn and hot chocolate and let your boots and shovel rest near the door. Sit back and watch other people fight Old Man Winter for a while. It might be reassuring to know that elsewhere in the world Mother Nature is more unforgiving than in Harrisburg, Pa. And it might make you appreciate the fact that 2-3 feet of snow once or twice a year is not such a bad thing to deal with after all.


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