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White lion triplets born in Poland zoo: Papa lion roars if anyone gets to close

White lion triplets born to zoo in Poland.
White lion triplets born to zoo in Poland.

White lion triplets were born at a private Polish Zoo and the owner says he "feels three times lucky" to have this rare birth at his zoo. White lions are a rare cat and often the same mutated genes that create a white lion leave the female not being able to give birth, said Andrzej Pabich, head of the zoo, according to NBC news on Feb. 5.

Often the white lions are rejected by their mother, but not in this case. Momma lion, who is also a rare white cat, is a "loving and caring" mother to her three cubs. Today there are only about 90 white lions on this earth, so to have three at one time is quite the feat.

The two and a half white lioness gave birth to the triplets and she is in the cage with her babies. The father, who is housed in a cage nearby mom and cubs, lets out a warning roar when anyone gets too close to his newly formed family.

It is not know how much the baby lions weigh or if they are male or female. The zoo staff has to wait until they get a little older before taking them from their mother to weigh and examine them. Then they can be named, once it is know if they are boys or girls or both. The cubs will be allowed in an outdoor run come April, but until then they are under their mother's care.