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White lion triplets: Adorable triplets born without defects, 'highly uncommon'

White lion triplets may indeed be adorable, but it is their rarity and recent birth without any noticeable defects that has scientists stunned this week. The trio of lion cubs was born in Poland to a private zoo owner. The Global Post reports this Wednesday, Feb. 5, 2014, that animal experts are saying not only is this a highly uncommon occurrence, but to have three triplets born without any defects — particularly in the white lions breed — is nothing less than incredible.

Lion cubs together with their mother
Twitter, The Mail Photo

These white lion triplets entered this world in late Jan. in Poland to Andrej Pabich, who has been a private zoo owner for a number of years. However, he has never experienced something like this before. The cubs’ mother, a 2-year –old white lioness by the name of Azira, gave birth to the three adorable animals and has been said to be highly protective of them since then. Their father, a 3-year-old lion named Sahim, prowls in a nearby cage.

Although it is not unheard of, white lions giving birth stands as a rare occurrence in and of itself. An breed that is in fact a color mutation of the African lion, these beautiful and powerful animals are often born with certain genetic defects that bar them from ever giving birth themselves. However, all three of the newborn white lion triplets appear to be very healthy and in good order, as none have been rejected by their mother.

"Luckily the birth went all smoothly," Pabich told told the Associated Press. "We had doubts whether it would be all OK: [will she] reject them, will she have milk? But all went luckily well in the end. The mother accepted (the cubs), is feeding them and is very caring."

Mama Azira and Papa Sahim are said to be protective of their highly uncommon cubs, roaring loudly at anyone who gets too close to their newborn offspring.

“The cubs haven't yet been named because they have not been named or identified as male or female. Once they are, they will be allowed to run around outside the cage by April, Pabich of Poland estimated.”

While adorable, these white lion cubs — like all wild animals — are animals that are to be respected and approached by only professionals, concludes the report.

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