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White Lies Band at the Roseland Theater

Roseland Theater White Lies
Roseland Theater White Lies
Lauren Jewels

Together Pangea opened for the White Lies show on Tuesday, April 22nd at the Roseland Theater. They brought a raw energy to the stage, and set the perfect tone for a party atmosphere. This would be their second to last show opening for White Lies in the US this tour.

The Room went dark and quiet as White Lies took the stage. They began their set with the title track from their first album, “To Lose My Life.” The crowd cheered wildly and began singing along. Front man Harry Mcveigh’s vocals are so beautiful and haunting, and the sound quality of the instruments so crisp and harmonic to accompany. The influence of dark wave bands as well as modern pop are present and clear in their songs, and lead vocals are dark and mysterious. The audience seems to be in a state of trance by Harry’s voice. Strobe lights synchronized perfectly to the beat of the drums.

White Lies released their third album in August 2013, “Big TV.” The album is so magnificently diverse with such a moody atmosphere. Delivering songs such as “Be your man,” and “Mother Tongue,” with a dark wave moodiness and a pop dance rhythm. While “Big TV,” “Change,” and “Heaven Wait” lend more of a sultry, melancholy feeling. There seems to be a formula to this English band’s level of consistency and ability to produce such a unique sound, while keeping it fresh from album to album.

White Lies wrapped up their US tour April 23rd, and will continue their tour through Europe for the next few months to come. Check out their Website for upcoming news.