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White Knight Chronicles closer and closer to release [preview].

Leonard can summon the White Knight via the gauntlet on his left hand.
Leonard can summon the White Knight via the gauntlet on his left hand.

If you haven't yet heard or have a firm comprehension of developer Level 5's latest game, you're missing out. White Knight Chronicles is a beacon of hope for the role-playing game library of the Playstation 3. So, let's get down to what exactly is going to entice you to make a trip your local Best Buy.

The story seems to have a lot to it, but essentially it's a “recuse the princess” type of script. She ends up getting captured by a diabolical organization and it's up to the main character, Leonard (pictured), to rescue her. Along the way of course, Leonard unlocks the power of the legendary White Knight, which appears to have a rich back story on it's own.

The game is said to play more like an mmorpg with fully customizable avatars, and a streamlined exploration to battle transition. Battles occur very similar to those in Final Fantasy 12; you're able to see the actual enemy before approaching it and are able to enter combat with the enemy without being whisked away to another setting. There is also less down time when the battle is over, with loot and spoils dropping where the enemy stood instead of a menu to read through.

Level 5 has described a typical enemy encounter as being won before the battle has even started. Meaning, White Knight Chronicles definitely has an advanced character management system that, yes, has been seen in a few other games, but is very unique in how and what exactly you're managing. Also, the AI in the game promises to perform, which is appreciated considering you will be teamed up with a party of characters at all times.

Now if your computer controlled partners just aren't getting the job done, there's the option of real players available in White Knight Chronicles. That's right, multiplayer. This feature allows you to party up with players [hopefully] from all different regions to tackle missions and gain experience together.

The bottom line here is that White Knight Chronicles is most certainly a game that all Playstation 3 owners should dedicate an eye or two for in the next few weeks. Be sure to stick around for the full review.