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White humpback whale: 'Migaloo' surfaces putting on rare show for whale watchers

A rare white humpback whale was spotted swimming off the coast of Sydney this week and whale watchers are in their glory. The name for the white humpback whale is Migaloo, a name given to him from the Aboriginal Australian language, according to USA Today on June 19.

Migaloo is a rare white humpback whale that is off the coast of Australia today giving whale watchers quite the show.
Twitter/ Migaloo 1

Migaloo, meaning "White Fella," has captured the world's attention today because it is such a rare sight. It is an "extremely rare albino whale," reports Fox News and it was seen for the first time this year off the coast of Australia. This makes the third year in a row that the whale has been spotted during his migration journey.

The whale was first discovered in 1991 and it has been tracked by researchers since that time. It is an amazing sight to see, it is void of any color at all, which is so different from most of the other sea creatures.

CNN News reports that this rare whale put on quite the show this week when he surfaced along the eastern coast of Australia on Thursday. The whale surfaced during its annual migration.

The White Whale Research Center has confirmed the sighting and a video of the whale was captured on a cell phone video as it swam along the Green Cape in New South Wales. Oskar Peterson from the White Whale Research Center described Migaloo to the media.

Peterson said that the whale "sort of glows in the water like a fluorescent blue." He continued saying that Migaloo is "quite an amazing sight" to see! This whale was thought to be the only one in the world until another white humpback whale surfaced in 2011.

Researchers named that whale Migaloo Junior. Peterson runs a website that tracks all-white humpback whale sightings around the globe. They have photos of Junior from a few years back, but he hasn't been seen since. Peterson said since they haven't seen the whale there's a possibility that he didn't survive the South Ocean.

Migaloo was first tracked as a juvenile and today the researchers believe the whale to be in his 20s. While Migaloo has been spotted more times than any of the other white humpback whales, he doesn't show up every year. So getting the chance to see this creature of the sea is a special event.

Peterson said that they've recently seen pictures of a white whale in Norway, so although Migaloo is rare, he is not as rare as first thought. After not seeing the Junior Migaloo for a few years, they thought that Migaloo could have been one of a kind, but now there's proof of another whale.

Migaloo makes his annual migration to the breeding grounds off the Great Barrier reef in a journey that starts in Antarctica. Peterson said that Migaloo is "giving us all quite a parade this year" and the helicopters have been out snapping pictures of Migaloo for this year's album.

Whale watchers at Bondi Beach should spot Migaloo today after the whale wsa spotted passing Cronulla in Sidney's south on Thursday. The male humpbacks can travel up to 87 miles a day during their migration run, according to the experts. These whales can live up to 90 years, so now that Migaloo is about 20, that gives whale watchers another 70 years to spot this rare white whale.

People are going to the Twitter account Migaloo1 to share their stories of spotting the rare white humpback whale and they are also sharing their pictures of Migaloo.

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