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White House warning Russia about overt or covert action in Ukraine

Russian troops pour into Crimea.
Russian troops pour into Crimea.
Photo by Dan Kitwood/Getty Images

The White House is sending a stern warning to Russian President Vladimir Putin, warning him about using the Russian military to advance into eastern Ukraine.

According to Reuters on April 7, the Obama administration was informed by the Ukraine government in Kiev that public buildings in three cities in eastern Ukraine. The cities are located in Ukraine's Russian-speaking industrial heartland were many saw the takeover as a replay of the events in Crimea.

White House spokesman Jay Carney told reporters at a press conference:

"If Russia moves into eastern Ukraine either overtly or covertly this would be a very serious escalation. We call on President Putin and his government to cease all efforts to destabilize Ukraine and we caution against further military intervention."

Carney also said that the Obama administration is studying whether to impose more sanctions on Russia if it decides to move into eastern Ukraine. Carney said:

"The president and his team will continue to assess Russia's actions and whether or not to impose those further sanctions. We also have the authorities to impose further sanctions for transgressions already made by Russia when it comes to Crimea."

Stay tuned.

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