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White House Wants You to Know-The Cold Temperature is Because of Warming

The White House released a video recently about the current cold temperatures and how they are a result of global warming. The video does make sense, from what I can tell, but it brings up more questions than answers.

For years we've been seeing diagrams suggesting that all the ice in the Arctic and Antarctic will be gone very soon because of our warming temperatures. Al Gore even predicted that the ice in the Arctic would be gone by now. Yet, the ice isn't gone, and the average temperatures have not changed nearly as much as suggested. This could only mean that Al Gore, and all the people who agreed with him, are either wrong or lying. Either way, it further suggests that we really do not need to be too concerned about what they are saying, and should be more concerned about the policies being put into place based on their incorrectness or deceit.

So in this video, from my understanding, it says that the increasing temperatures in the extreme north, are pushing the colder air currents down towards areas such as the United States. My question, though, is why are they making a special video to explain this, and attempt to prevent people from doubting "global warming?" Why aren't they explaining all unusual weather, and providing "facts" and "evidence"(which is what they like to call them, even though it has been proven that many of these facts have been altered, resulting in my quotations around the words) for all strange weather? What is so special about this specific trend? Why have we heard so little about this before? Wouldn't it have been helpful if this had been predicted earlier? Why wasn't it stated officially, ahead of time, that this winter will be especially cold because of the global warming changing the weather patterns?

The problem for people supporting this global warming catastrophe thing is that there is very little agreement on the issue. Yes, our president and the people who support him will do their best to tell you to ignore the facts, and accept global warming as truth, regardless of the science surrounding it. They will also tell you that anyone who disagrees with it has no idea what they are talking about, even the many thousands of scientists and weather experts who have written letters to the government, stating that global warming is not the terrible thing its being treated as, and that our current national policies to address global warming can actually cause more damage than the global warming itself, were it true.

If global warming were really as big of a problem as they say it is, then I doubt they would have a special video trying to convince us that global warming really is happening, and its really terrible, simply because of a cold spell. After all, there was no video reminding us of how awful terrorism is after Benghazi, or how important the Constitution is after things like the IRS and NSA scandals in 2013. So the last question this brings up is:since there were no videos addressing those issues, but there was about global warming, is that due to global warming being considered more important than American lives and American freedom, or is it that we were needing to be convinced of something that wasn't true, like the special announcements about that video on youtube being the cause of the Benghazi attacks, or the press conferences in which it was stated the discrimination against Conservative organizations never happened, or that the NSA spying was not as widespread as originally thought(even though the original thought was actually proven to be accurate)?

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