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White House lockdown: Briefcase examined, man attempting to jump fence captured

The White House of the U.S. President
The White House of the U.S. President
Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

A White House lockdown was temporarily put into place this week after a man attempted to jump the White House fence. Although his identity has not been released, Secret Service officials have confirmed that a suspicious briefcase the man was carrying continues to be examined. MSN News shares this Friday, Feb. 7, 2014, that the suspect has been captured and remains in law enforcement custody at this time.

The brief lockdown at the White House occurred this Friday afternoon once a man was caught trying to jump over the fence surrounding the U.S. President’s abode. The man is no longer deemed a threat, though the lockdown was set until the man was apprehended by Secret Service members and taken in for official questioning.

A report by CNN noted that the man was carrying a briefcase, while MSN confirmed that the suspect was in fact holding two bags while trying to get over the fence. Although the examination of the briefcase(s)’ contents have not been made public yet, they were said to be screened late Friday afternoon by government authorities.

President Barack Obama was not present in Washington, D.C. at the time of the White House lockdown. The U.S. President was away in Michigan to give a speech and sign an important farm bill for the state.

At this time, it remains unclear as to why the unidentified man attempted to breach the White House fence (which is always fully guarded by Secret Service), or what was within the captured suspect’s brief case/bags. Additional details may be made available later this weekend in this strange but suspicious incident.

A case of White House racism also surged back into headlines this week following a doctor's previous accusations of racial tension being present at a political party back in 2013.

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