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White House issues statement on petition to deport Justin Bieber

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When a petition for to the White House to deport Justin Bieber first appeared, many thought it would be nothing more than an amusing joke. However, the petition quickly gained enough signatures to automatically earn a response from the Obama administration. According to a Friday story by The New York Daily News, it was revealed that the White House finally responded, and it unfortunately was not the answer that most of the signatories were hoping to hear.

In a statement that was issued to those who signed, the White House declined to comment on the matter. This should not be surprising considering that the petition was asking the White House to do something that was basically impossible, and it would have turned into a political nightmare. Regardless, it was interesting to see that the administration took the time to issue a statement saying they were not going to respond.

Unfortunately, for the Biebs, this was not the only bad news that he had to hear this week. A Saturday story by The Hollywood Life reveals that Justin Bieber was recently dissed by the star of “Mad Men”, Jon Hamm. During a recent interview, the star gave his opinion on the struggles of young stars. To be specific, he named Justin Bieber as an example of the dangers that results when young people have no guidance.

There are numerous dark temptations that celebrities must contend with on a daily basis, and it is not surprising, that the youngest of this class of super rich often struggles to cope with their new found power. Do you agree with Jon Hamm’s assessment of Justin Bieber? Is it important for young stars to have an authority figure to tell them “no”? After all, without this stabilizing factor, it seems impossible for young superstars to stay on the right path.