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White House explains away yet another Executive Branch blunder

White House scrambles to come up with explanation for Obama remark
White House scrambles to come up with explanation for Obama remark
Photo by Alex Wong/Getty Images

The White House is currently running in circles in an attempt to explain away yet another blunder by President Barack Obama, in this case his statement about having no strategy concerning the threats posed by the Islamic State of Iraq and SyriaISIS.

Josh Earnest–White House Press Secretary–commented to a cable news channel that when Obama said “we don’t have a strategy yet” during a Thursday press conference about the terrorist group, he was really addressing his position on Syrian military strikes. Unfortunately, this explanation will likely not fly well with the American public. If this was the topic to which the President was referring, it would probably not have taken him and his advisers a full day to come up with an explanation, and a weak one at that. Interestingly, Earnest follows his own statement with a reiteration of the fact that no plans are currently in place for military action in Syria. No one is surprised. It appears as if Obama has no concrete plans for anything at the moment, perhaps with the exception of golf, vacations, attending gay rights functions and other activities that are apparently much more important to the President than the threat of terrorism.

Criticism of President B. Hussein Obama's remarks about no strategy came swiftly from a variety of sources, including Republican Party lawmakers, such as Michael Rogers (R-MI.) Rogers, who is Chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, told cable news reporters that he found the press conference “odd,” and found himself wondering if the president has a thorough understanding of the threats posed to the United States by ISIS. He stated that he was unsure whether or not the problem's severity was something Obama recognized. Even Obama supporters, such as New York Times columnist Nick Kristoff offered up criticism to Obama. Other fans of the President also expressed disappointment with his weak-as-usual stance on terrorism. Kristoff tweeted that Obama's press conference speech yesterday was “very weak.” We the People agree.