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White House downplays actual Obamacare sign-up numbers in big way

Lies, lies and more lies from White House
Lies, lies and more lies from White House
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Some 4.2 million Americans have signed up for health coverage on the new insurance exchanges through February, the White House said Tuesday. That still means over 1.8 million people need to sign up before the March 31 deadline.

The target number has been revised from 7 million to 6 million.

The White House has been silent about the embarrassing numbers that they once projected to be much higher, but a separate body, a study by the McKinsey consulting firm isn’t.

Their study shows 25 percent of enrollees have not paid their first premium. That would bring total enrollments down to a little more than 3.1 million. When the White House has announced bloated figures in the past, that was never taken into account.

Yet the administration keeps the “carnival-type atmosphere” in working order for media purposes.

It is a fact that enrollments in February dropped to about 943,000 from the 1.1 million sign-ups reported in January. Hilariously, “officials” blame that dip on February having three less days than January.

The now largely discredited Health and Human Services officials have routinely distanced themselves from previous enrollment goals, accounting for the “mix” in enrollees rather than raw numbers, whatever that means.

The latest dismal figures show only about 27 percent of total enrollments is young people (18-30), well below the White House’s whopping prediction of 40 percent.

Many advocates are expecting younger people to wait until the last minute to sign up as they did in Massachusetts. Those advocates must be the ever-optimistic Obama people.

Another startling piece of information found in the McKinsey report found that very few people (27 percent) of total Obamacare enrollees, were previously uninsured.

That undermines the very foundation from which Obamacare passed by one vote (all Democrats) in 2010.

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