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White House Correspondents' Dinner sends possible secret message for 2016

The 2014 White House Correspondents' Dinner aired live on C-Span on Saturday night, May 3. There were so many moments that merit discussion from this always-interesting, often-controversial evening, but the most important may not be so obvious to the casual viewer just tuned in for the entertainment. It seemed that a message was being sent to the American public that the White House was giving an official endorsement to Hillary Clinton for the 2016 election.

Could we read behind the lines of President Obama's remarks at the White House Correspondents' Dinner?
Photo by Pool/Getty Images

Vice-President Joe Biden was not there at the Washington Hilton for security reasons, but he was mentioned more than once. President Barack Obama made a joke about shoes being thrown at Clinton at a speaking engagement, then a photo was posted of Biden holding some sneakers enhanced with orange like the alleged weapons. The President’s inference of an attitude of jealousy on the part of Biden was a significant because he seemed to be indirectly placing the former secretary of state in a more desirable position, as an object of envy.

Later, President Obama made a remark about how the press will have a more difficult time trying to accuse Hillary Clinton of being born in Kenya. This clearly came across as an acknowledgment by the White House that the 2016 Democratic candidate will be Hillary Clinton, and she will successfully win the White House. The public knew all along, but it is significant that tonight seemed to be the time to publicly throw Biden under the bus. The video of President Obama's remarks is attached to this article.

Speaking of bright yellow vehicles, there was the most bizarre video clip shown of the real vice-president cruising around in a yellow convertible sports car with Julia Louis-Dreyfuss, who plays a vice-president on the television show “VEEP.” It was very difficult to discern what they were doing out on some kind of midnight escapade that ended up with eating ice cream in the White House. Quite predictably, they were discovered by the health-conscious Michelle Obama.

The Joe Biden-Julia Louise-Dreyfus video can be seen in today's Vanity article. Vanity Fair considered the video as one of the highlights of the evening, but it was rather stilted, hard-to-understand and poorly written. One thing is for certain, though, and that is that the clips did not make Biden look presidential, and, if anything, the skit ridiculed him.

There has been speculation about whether President Obama made a deal with the Clintons to receive Bill Clinton’s valuable 2012 endorsement in exchange for his future endorsement of Hillary Clinton in 2016. Although the two men have reportedly never gotten along too well, there was even an ego-stroking joke written in the presidential monologue about Sasha Obama taking Bill Clinton to her school as a speaker for career day. (The premise of the joke was that Obama had had a difficult year last year.) It surely seemed that President Obama was letting the American people know that Hillary is the serious candidate for the White House in 2016.

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