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White House announces 2010 summer internship winners

First lady Michelle Obama, left, hugs class valedictorian Jordan Smiley, while attending Anacostia Senior High School's graduation in Washington, Friday, June 11, 2010. (AP Photo/Jacquelyn Martin)
First lady Michelle Obama, left, hugs class valedictorian Jordan Smiley, while attending Anacostia Senior High School's graduation in Washington, Friday, June 11, 2010. (AP Photo/Jacquelyn Martin)

The White House Internship Program announced today the incoming participants for the summer 2010 session. The program’s mission is to make the "People’s House" accessible to future leaders all around the nation and cultivate and prepare those devoted to public service for future leadership opportunities.

White House announces 2010 summer internship participants
White House announces 2010 summer internship participants
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“I applaud and thank these young men and women for answering the call to service,” said President Obama. “I look forward to working with them, and commend all those who applied for their desire to build a brighter future for our country."

A White House Internship provides a unique opportunity to gain valuable professional experience and build leadership skills. Interns work in one of several White House departments, including the Office of Cabinet Affairs, the Office of the Chief of Staff, the Office of Scheduling and Advance, the Office of Public Engagement and Intergovernmental Affairs, the Office of Health Reform, the Office of Legislative Affairs, the Office of Management and Administration, the Office of the White House Counsel, the Office of Political Affairs, the Office of Energy and Climate Change, the National Economic Council, the Office of Presidential Correspondence, the Office of Presidential Personnel, the Communications Department, the Domestic Policy Council, the Office of the First Lady Michelle Obama, and the Office of the Vice President.

Additional information about the White House Internship Program is available here: The application for the Fall 2010 program is now on the website, and the deadline is June 20, 2010.

Summer 2010 White House Interns

Gabriel Amo. Hometown: Pawtucket, RI. Wheaton College, Norton, MA
Nausheen Ansari. Hometown: Jersey City, NJ. University of Central Florida
Anna Applebaum. Hometown: Hollywood, CA. Washington University in St. Louis
Ben Armstrong. Hometown: Aurora, IL. Northwestern University
Jacqueline Barkett. Hometown: Los Angeles, CA. University of Southern California
Lindsay Barnes. Hometown: Reston, VA. Wellesley College
Kelsey Beltramea. Hometown: Hiawatha, IA . University of Iowa
Anita Bhat. Hometown: Pomona, CA . University of California at Berkeley
Peter Bieber. Hometown: Lancaster, MA. Princeton University
Julia Blount. Hometown: Washington, DC. Princeton University
Priscilla Bok. Hometown: Boston, MA. Harvard College
Andrew Bourne. Hometown: Fort Wayne, IN. Indiana University- Bloomington
Tyler Brandon. Hometown: Washington, DC. Harvard University
Kristina Broadie. Hometown: Silver Spring, MD. Duke University
Stephen Brokaw. Hometown: Bloomington, IL. Harvard University
Adriane Brown. Hometown: New York, NY. Eugene Lang College The New School for Liberal Arts
John Bryant. Hometown: Clarendon Hills, IL. Northwestern University
Ioana Calcev. Hometown: Hoffman Estates, IL. Harvard University
Emily Callen. Hometown: Hagerstown, NY. The University of Tulsa
Daniel Campos. Hometown: Washington, DC. Columbia University
Edward Carlson. Hometown: Mount Vernon, IA. Colorado College
Jeremiah Chapin. Hometown: Washington, DC. Roanoke College
Richard Coffin. Hometown: Denver, CO. Harvard University
Thomas Conley. Hometown: Washington, DC. Penn State University
Paul Connet. Hometown: Vienna, VA. Virginia Commonwealth University
Mary Cooper. Hometown: Nashville, TN. University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Patrick Corrigan. Hometown: Rocky River, OH. University of Notre Dame
David Cramer. Hometown: New Canaan, CT. Colby College
Kevin Cronin. Hometown: Honolulu, HI. Duke University
Gary Crosby. Hometown: Jasper, AL. Birmingham-Southern College
Joshua Dickson. Hometown: Chicago, IL. University of Michigan - Ann Arbor
Candiace Dillard. Hometown: McDonough, GA. Howard University
Joseph Durheim. Hometown: Hermantown, MN. Grinnell College
Lynn Eisenberg. Hometown: Cherry Hill, NJ. Washington University in St. Louis
Frances Ellerbe. Hometown: Columbia, SC. Stanford University
Stefanie Feldman. Hometown: Smyrna, GA. Duke University
Amanda Finney. Hometown: Columbia, SC. Wake Forest University
Anthony Flynn Jr. Hometown: Wilmington, DE. American University
Emily Fox. Hometown: Merion, PA. University of Pennsylvania
Alison Frick. Hometown: Denver, CO. Yale University
Richard Frohlichstein. Hometown: Kirkwood, MO. Georgetown University
Brittany Galisdorfer. Hometown: Detroit, MI. University of Michigan
Katharine Gallogly. Hometown: New York, NY. Yale University
Meghan Garza-Oswald. Hometown: San Antonio, TX. University of the Incarnate Word
Arpan Gautam. Hometown: Houston, TX. University of Pennsylvania, Wharton School of Business, College of Arts and Sciences
Kathryn Glynn. Hometown: Cambridge, MA. United States Naval Academy
Jenny Goerdel. Hometown: Conroe, Texas, TX. The University of Texas
Graciela Gonzales. Hometown: Corrales, NM. Wellesley College
Deepinder Goraya. Hometown: Diamond Bar, CA. UCLA
Raphael Graybill. Hometown: Great Falls, MT. Columbia University
Naima Green. Hometown: Cleveland, OH. Stanford University
Veronica Guerra. Hometown: San Pedro, CA. University of California, Los Angeles
Nirant Gupta. Hometown: Easton, CT. Claremont McKenna College
Aditi Hardikar. Hometown: Bethesda , MD. University of Michigan - Ann Arbor
Benjamin Hendricks. Hometown: Kaysville, UT. Duke University
Daniel Herz-Roiphe. Hometown: New York, NY. Harvard University
Brittany Heyd. Hometown: Arlington, VA. University of San Diego
Liza Heyman. Hometown: Chicago, IL. Vanderbilt University
Sarah Hippert. Hometown: Spencer, MA. Bowdoin College
Tracey Hsu. Hometown: Rego Park, NY. Cornell University
Alex Iftimie. Hometown: Laguna Niguel, CA. University of Southern California
Sara Jacobs. Hometown: Del Mar, CA. Columbia College/ Columbia University
Amit Jain. Hometown: St. Louis, MO. Brown University
Neil Jain. Hometown: Aberdeen, NJ. Georgetown University
Ryan Jones. Hometown: Washington, DC. Linfield College
Corey Jones. Hometown: Breaux Bridge, LA. The George Washington University
Claire Qureshi. Hometown: Cincinnati, OH. Yale University
Daniel Kessler. Hometown: Wynnewood, PA. The George Washington University
Cristina Killingsworth. Hometown: The Woodlands, TX. The University of Texas at Austin
Hilary Krase. Hometown: Elkins Park, PA. Barnard College of Columbia University
Helen Leung. Hometown: Los Angeles, CA. University of Pennsylvania
Alexandra Levin. Hometown: Littleton, CO. George Washington University
April Maas. Hometown: Ann Arbor, MI. The University of Michigan, Ann Arbor
Jillian Madison. Hometown: Greenwich, CT. Stanford University
Caitria Mahoney. Hometown: Newton, MA. University of Vermont
John McComb. Hometown: Princeton, NJ. Bucknell University
Matthew McKnight. Hometown: Washington, DC. Morehouse College
Pooja Mehta. Hometown: Leonardtown, MD. Yale University
Natalie Messer. Hometown: Bloomington, AZ. Emory University
Khawaja Munir. Hometown: New York, NY. Washington University in St. Louis
Julia Murphy. Hometown: Potomac, MD. Elon University
Balaji Narain. Hometown: Cumming, GA. University of Georgia
Adam Nathan. Hometown: Upper Saddle River, NJ. Duke University
Oanh Nguyen. Hometown: New Carrollton, MD. University of Maryland, College Park
Daniela Nogueira. Hometown: Durham, NC. Harvard
Daniel Nudelman. Hometown: Chicago, IL. McGill University, Montreal, Canada
Taina Oquendo. Hometown: New York, NY. University of Delaware
Jonathan Padilla. Hometown: San Jose, CA. Harvard College
Akshar Patel. Hometown: Hanover Park, IL. Loyola University Chicago
Jordyn Phelps. Hometown: Albuquerque, NM. American University
Kelsey Pietranton. Hometown: Washington, DC. University of Richmond
Jay Plant. Hometown: Wooster, OH. Northern Virginia Community College
Joshua Pollack. Hometown: Newton, MA. University of Pennsylvania
Sean Quirk. Hometown: Palo Alto, CA. Columbia University
Megan Rao. Hometown: Novi, MI. University of Michigan
Eugene Resnick. Hometown: Brooklyn, NY. University of Virginia
Gareth Rhodes. Hometown: New York, NY. The City College of New York
Ryan Rippel. Hometown: Columbia, MO. Harvard College
Jacqueline Rodarte. Hometown: Anaheim, CA. Fullerton Community College
Harrison Roday. Hometown: Henrico, VA. The College of William & Mary
Jay Ross. Hometown: New York, NY. United States Military Academy (West Point)
Lauren Rutledge. Hometown: Orlando, FL. University of Miami
Matthew Sacks. Hometown: Highland Park, IL. University of Pennsylvania
Nikhil Sahni. Hometown: Lexington, MA. University of Pennsylvania
Jackson Salovaara. Hometown: Bernardsville, NJ. Harvard College
Eve Samborn. Hometown: Glenview, IL. Washington University in St. Louis
Saurabh Sanghvi. Hometown: Pittsburgh, PA. Harvard College
Devin Saxon. Hometown: Hayward, CA. Harvard
Thomas Scott. Hometown: Columbia, SC. University of South Carolina
Julia Simmons. Hometown: Greenwich, CT. Brown University
Desiree Smith. Hometown: Manassas, VA. University of Virginia
Sophia Solomon. Hometown: Silver Spring, MD. Emerson College
Gwendolyn Stamper. Hometown: Ridgewood, NJ. University of Richmond
Kim Starfield. Hometown: Dallas, TX. Dickinson College
Archita Taylor. Hometown: Everett, WA. University of Washington
Copatrick Thomas. Hometown: Boynton Beach, FL. Columbia University
Scott Thomson. Hometown: Wilmington, DE. Olin College of Engineering
Melissa Tooley. Hometown: Chicago, IL. Drew University
Sean Topping. Hometown: Eastpoint, FL. Vanderbilt University
Gates Torrey. Hometown: Greenwich, CT. Princeton University
Kerry Townsend. Hometown: Baltimore, MD. Bowdoin College
Natalie Truong. Hometown: Davenport, IA. Grinnell College
Nicholas Turner. Hometown: Richmond, IN. Ball State University
Nicholas James Turner. Hometown: New York, NY. Columbia University
Valerie Tyburski. Hometown: Hammond, IN. Ball State University
Kara van Stralen. Hometown: Yucaipa, CA. University of Redlands
Sabrina Vazquez. Hometown: Alamogordo, NM. University of Arizona
Katelyn Wannage. Hometown: Collierville, TN. Louisiana State University
Clay Wertheimer. Hometown: Juneau, AK. Brown University
Rebecca Wexler. Hometown: New York, NY. The George Washington University; Elliott School of International Affairs
Lydia Wileden. Hometown: Deerfield, MA. Barnard College, Columbia University
Matthew Willner. Hometown: Englewood, NJ. Oberlin College
Caroline Wilson. Hometown: Evanston, IL. The George Washington University
Amanda Wyatt. Hometown: Akron, OH. Wellesley College
Owen Zidar. Hometown: Mission Hills, KS. Dartmouth College
Charlotte Zink. Hometown: Jacksonville, FL. Georgetown University
Aaron Zucker. Hometown: Bala Cynwyd, PA. Tufts University